How to sell your app and reach Million$

In digital words, you are an imaginative person. I come up with fresh ideas, discover new things, and have a creative mind as a whole. And one day you come up with an idea for an app. Future product will have powerful value propositions and very useful features, and users will love this app. Also important is that it has a good perspective on monetization.

There’s a lot of information on how to sell app ideas scattered across different websites. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the companies we sell to and give you specific steps on how to make money from your app.

How to sell your app to Bluethrone Company

Companies are ready to invest as well and expand their business portfolio. Don’t be upset if your app doesn’t fit into your Company’s business model or roadmap. There are small businesses, and there are also some companies that may be willing to buy an app project like Bluethrone.

If you are looking for someone to buy an app, there may be a technology company interested in getting a promising app project or idea. If you browse the list of employees in these organizations on internet, you may notice users with titles like “Investment Manager”. These are responsible for investments and acquisitions.

So how do you sell your app idea to your company? We will guide you about that below in this article;

Which Investment Manager you should contact?

We recommend you Bluethrone investment Management Company which buys AppStore and Google play apps. You can sell my app them and make thousand dollars. They are providing following services;

They exactly know where you are working. They understand your problems. They know where you are trapped, and they know exactly how to help you move and help to achieve your goals…

  • They have been buying successful applications on the App Store and Google play platforms in the past 4 years.
  • They help more than 100 developers liquidate their assets and focus on their passion-making more apps
  • They noticed that most developers don’t realize even an application with monthly revenue of less than $100 is an asset worth thousands of dollars
  • They will help you to clear the cash through the investment made by purchasing the developer’s app; otherwise, they will earn it in 2-7 years!
  • They believe that buying digital assets is not a zero-sum game-only when both parties are satisfied with the transaction can we create a win-win situation and long-term cooperative relationship

Investigate and analyze the information – Understand the market and users.

No matter how confident you are about your apps, be sure to research and get relevant data about the entire market, competitors, and future users. Suppose you have an idea to build a fitness app using an AI algorithm that selects a user’s training based on the user’s physical training experience, physical qualities (considering the possibility of previous injuries), and goals. 

Competitor apps: There are many fitness apps, but not all are direct competitors. Choose the ones that are closest to your app project in terms of ideas, features, target audiences, and markets, and do more in-depth research on those products.

For knowing how is your app worth? Read it carefully;

For this purpose use Bluethrone free app valuation tool for knowing you app cost freely.

Create a business concept

This is a presentation where you need to refine your app’s ideas and display a clear business plan. It should include answers to all the questions to your investor may have. You need to have a clear understanding of who your fitness app is and how you will benefit from it. How the project differs from many other fitness solutions. Which marketing channels do you use to attract people who care about your health and body?

In most cases, business concept presentations have such topic blocks (although feel free to add other valuable information if you think it is important to your investors).

Find the market potential investors

Create a list of technology companies where you can sell your app project. If your goal is to sell your application (not just to get investment to grow your organization), you need to find a technology company that can buy other projects. The easiest way is to search for tech unicorns online to learn about recent acquisitions and investments. Don’t limit yourself to your own country or region. Your buyer can live anywhere like Alon Waller.

Choose a company related to your business.

Analyze your company’s profile, read about the latest acquisitions, and understand if your app fits your business model and development roadmap. Limit the first list of investors to companies related to the app.

Search for related contacts.

Check the company’s website to see if there is the contact information for the person responsible for business development and investment. You can check it online to find representatives of companies that have an account there. Ideally, you should contact person responsible for the acquisition

Contact and market potential investors

Once you have the list of contacts you need, you’re ready to start marketing your company. The service you use depends on your personal taste. You can start with emails and proceed to phone calls and personal meetings. You can also meet with representatives of these companies at startup events and social gatherings. Be careful not to disclose too much sensitive information about your app. All information provided must be disclosed under a mutually due diligence by potential buyer’s takes place. If you think you need legal assistance, be sure to seek the support of a professional lawyer.

In summary, knowing that tech giants aren’t just about rewarding ideas, think again if you want to give your app ideas to investors like Bluethrone. These types of companies are buying ready-to-use solutions that enhance their products and have the potential to compete with their rivals. Also, keep in mind that there are many companies around the world ready to buy high-quality projects. But don’t expect to be wealthy soon. Making millions of revenues from selling an app concept requires a lot of work, such as creating a working app itself and growing it continuously with Bluethrone.

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