How to see Instagram story anonymously anonymously

View other Instagram stories anonymously, without leaving a search. It’s not easy, but it is also impossible. 

One of the most successful content on Instagram is Instagram Account, Instagram News in English. They are displayed in the form of a circle on the top row of food. And when you watch those videos, the producer knows it. Not like videos and photos. Is this a problem? In that case, you can watch anonymously without leaving your Instagram account. And that’s something anyone can do.

I’m not going to justify why you want to see an anonymous Instagram account. There are at least three ways this can happen. Which one you choose depends on whether the author is interested in viewing your Instagram account without knowing who you are. Use a third-party application that is based on the device itself and/or.

First, use an Instagram account that is not your main account. Second, using Airplane mode for your iPhone or Android. And, finally, with third-party applications and web pages. Let’s see how each of these answers works.

Second Instagram account

If you want to view an Instagram account anonymously, another option is to use a second account. An account that no one can link to you and / or your main account. It may not be the best solution, but it does allow you to watch other people’s stories and videos without knowing who you are.

Instagram also makes it easy to get two Instagram accounts from the official application itself. You don’t have to type it in, exit, and log in again. You can now switch between two Instagram accounts with the tap of a button. Yes, Al, BT, which sounds pretty ridiculous to me, doesn’t seem to suit me either.

Let’s get the point. From Instagram for Android or iPhone, click the icon or photo, then drop off and go to Settings. Then click Add Account and enter the accounts you want to manage from the same application. If you haven’t created a second account yet, you can then click Create New Account. To switch between accounts, click the icon or image in the right corner to see a list of updated accounts.

Instagram story in flight mode

The second way is to view instagram story viewer accounts anonymously. In this case, we will use picaresque. When you open Instagram, Instagram stories are downloaded automatically before you see it. So you can see them without cutting or connecting problems. That is what we will challenge with our hands.

So, before we watch those videos, we will launch the iPhone or Android Airplane mode. You can stop it from Settings or Configuration for each of these platforms or directly from the shortcuts that appear when you slide your finger from top to bottom on the display. And if you want to make sure you have disconnected your phone from the internet, you can turn off WiFi and phones from Android / iOS settings and / or from the shortcuts we mentioned.

Once you’ve seen the Instagram stories and logged out of Instagram, you’re ready to connect your phone to the internet. Instagram will not add your account to the list of targeted articles.

Third-party programs and websites

The most established way to leave without a trace and to view an Instagram account anonymously is to use illegal tools. You can use mobile phones or, more specifically, websites where you just have to paste a video link to view it without realizing it is you.

Let’s go with the parts. First of all, Android phones. A tool is available that allows you to upload your Instagram account. When downloaded from those applications, it leaves no trace on its appearance. 

Instore uploads videos, photos and stories from Instagram without signing up with your account. BlindStory lets you search, play and upload Instagram accounts. An anonymous way to check the Instagram account.

SilentStory is similar to the old app. The idea is to search for Instagram profiles, instagram viewer content and articles, list content … And without logging in. If you are an iPhone user or do not want to install applications, you can choose multiple email solutions to view Instagram issues anonymously. There are a few of them and they all do their job well. In a previous article I named the most popular one. We summarize them below.

  • Insta News shows you anonymous Instagram profiles based on your account name. Simple, fast, free and free of ads.
  • InstaStories has the same name and has more design but does the same thing. Put in someone else’s username and you will see their videos and photos without leaving a mark of your character. Additionally, you can download photos and videos to your mobile phone or computer.
  • StorySaver lets you upload Instagram accounts from account name. You can select a video or article to save and have it on your device right then and there.
  • Anon IG Viewer is an online app for Instagram accounts and posts. It also allows you to download the contents of your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • In short, with these three options you should have no problem being able to view Instagram accounts anonymously without their authors knowing your visit. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.
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