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How to Receive Payments Online as a Freelancer or a Consultant?

In this era, freelancing and consulting is a booming profession with an increased demand for their work. These jobs can be anything from part-time jobs to skill-based professional freelance projects. A recent survey has revealed that freelancers will outnumber regular employees by the year 2027. Among the several considerations that come with hiring a consultant or a freelancer is how they get paid. If you are freelancing or plan to take it up at some point, the first thing you must determine is how you will accept payment from the clients. This article talks about many ways of doing the same.

Ways to Receive Payment as a Freelancer Service Provider

We will run through the various options available for making payments automatic for your regular clients and long-term running projects. There are many bank-based options as well as specialized tools for the same. These customized solutions will enable your clients to make payments in a hassle-free manner and on time.

1. Direct Debit

Direct debit is one of the oldest and most commonly used modes of payments.

It is one of the most convenient ways of collecting payments from your clients at regular intervals. You can set up a direct debit system that will automatically collect varying amounts from your clients regularly. To implement this payment method, your client must register with your debit system, and you must provide them with the details of the amount to be collected and the date by which it must be done.

But a small downside to this method is that freelancers and small businesses need guarantees to get the direct debit system granted.

2. Payment Gateways

Another popular payment method for freelancing and consulting jobs is via payment gateways such as Zaakpay. You can make payments for services or goods purchased through this system as well as set up your business account to begin receiving recurring payments. Not only this, but your customers will have a wide range of options to make their payments, such as credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid invoices. So, now you can instantly receive payments from your customer via India’s most trusted payment gateway in no time.

3. Payment Links

Payment links are one of the best ways of collecting payments from your clients. In this payment method, you just have to create a payment link and share it with your clients. All they have to do is click on the link to get redirected to the payment gateway, where they complete the transaction in the most safe, secure, and hassle-free manner.

In this payment method, one of the crucial factors is the payment gateway partner that you choose. It is essential that you choose a payment gateway that eases the transaction process for you as well as for your clients. Zaakpay’s API allows creating a customized payment link instantly. Not only that, your clients can choose from a range of 100+ payment options to render the payment to you.  

4. Standing Order

Another excellent way to collect payments for services rendered as a freelance employee is through a Standing Order. In this traditional payment method, the account holder (your client) requests the bank to pay a fixed amount to a person (you, the freelancer) or an organization. The amount must remain fixed in this method, and you cannot initiate payments personally. The client controls the entire activity and makes payment at their discretion. There is no charge for accepting payments through a Standing Order. 

5. Cheques

The main advantage of accepting payments via cheques is that there is no fee for depositing the check into your bank account. These are a quick and easy payment method for any consulting or freelancing work as you can deposit a cheque directly into your bank account and just wait for its clearance. 

6. Credit Cards

Credit Cards are yet another payment method accepted by consultants and freelancers. Credit card payments can be processed via payment gateways such as Zaakpay, credit card hardware, or any mobile payment app.

7. Electronic Funds Transfer

An electronic funds transfer is an easy, quick, and affordable way to make payments to freelancers and consultants. Finances can move from one bank account to the other without any apps or credit card processing companies’ involvement.

8. Accounting Software

Apart from tracking income and expenses, accounting software can also help with your freelancing services’ payment collection process. The revenue is automatically linked and updated to the client account. Certain accounting programs also create invoices and send alerts when the client has viewed it. 

9. Cash Apps

Just like a payment gateway, Cash Apps are a good online option for freelance workers to accept payments for their services. But instead of moving money from online to your bank account. The money goes into your linked debit card or checking account. The funds will take a few business days to reflect in your account.

10. Websites

Another way to accept payment for your consulting or freelance services is by setting up your professional website. You can leverage services of certain payment services with a checkout option to accept money directly from your website.


The above methods are the most commonly used ones for making and receiving payments for freelancing jobs. Make it simple for your employers to pay you and give them multiple options to choose from to make it convenient for them. Prepare and send invoices regularly for the work completed. However, sending an invoice doesn’t guarantee payment. Hence, it is important to follow up to ensure that you actually get paid, especially with clients who do not pay promptly.

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