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How to Hire the Best Front-End Developers?

Competition is fierce. Only the best will do.

Hiring the best front-end developers can be difficult. The whole recruitment process is plagued with low-quality results, long waiting times and high prices.

You’ll need to check out the various portfolios, communicate with developers over Skype and email, and hope that there is enough flexibility in price to not dent your budget if it all goes wrong.

In order to create web applications that are responsive and engaging with all devices, you will need a skilled front-end developer on your team that understands the various programming languages – whether it is JavaScript for creating immersive experiences or HTML and CSS to build a highly functional user interface.

In other words, if you don’t have an elite front-end developer, then you will end up with a product that falls short of its potential. 

Today, front-end professionals must be cross-tool/framework/tech savvy. They must be productive from day one, help the whole team stay focused, and ensure that digital assets are as seamless as possible. 

In short, they’re one who have a mix of technical excellence and people skills – who can deliver quality work, on time and on budget. We call them superheroes – and they’re definitely needed on your team.

Don’t let your website stagnate – hire a talented front-end developer to fuel the next stages of your business.

What You Should Expect From Top-tier Front-End Developers

The best Front End developers combine their keen design sense with a deep understanding of client-facing technology.

They are:

  • Highly proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript;
  • Possess a deep understanding of code architecture and performance;
  • Comfortable with software and tools, such as Slack, Github, Grunt, CLI tools etc;
  • Passionate about user experience (UX) and accessibility standards;
  • Capable of working with back-end developers to ensure designs are feasible (and vice versa;
  • Highly responsive to feedback. Able to quickly adapt when new design or development requirements come in;
  • Communicate excellently both verbally and in writing, so you can understand their technical terms without getting lost;
  • Comfortable with Agile or Scrum development methodologies.

They combine these skills with a great eye for detail, an ability to solve problems on their own, and the ability to work quickly. 

The result? 

A dream product – fully-functional, beautifully designed and exactly what your users want. Whether it is a website or mobile application, this should be the barest minimum of what you should expect from your front-end developer.

And because we understand your expectations, we help you find the perfect-fit that can meet them – and surpass them.

Interview Questions to Ask A Front-End Developer

Here’s a list of questions that will help you find out if these guys are the perfect fit for you:

Can I see your portfolio? 

This is one of the most important questions to ask a front-end developer (Where their portfolio is not readily accessible). The goal here is to make sure you are both on the same page, and their portfolio reflects your style.

What is your favorite technology or framework? 

This is a good question to ask your front-end developer as it shows you which tools they prefer. In case if their answer is “all of them”, beware! The right person for this job will be excellent in HTML, CSS, and Javascript as well as one or two frameworks.

What was your favorite front-end project? 

This one can be a real eye opener for you, as it shows you which type of project they enjoy working on the most. If it’s a website with a lot of client interaction, that means your dev is more of a UX developer. If it’s a website with lots of data and complex backend, that means they are more into front-end development as well as back-end development.

What is your workflow? 

Though it sounds a little bit too technical, it’s actually an important question to ask a front-end developer. Their answer will show you if they are more into the planning phase or execution phase of development, which gives you a better understanding of their way of thinking.

Why are you interested in this project? 

This is another good one to ask your front-end developer, as it gives you a better understanding of their goals and motivations. It also shows if they are genuinely interested in what you are looking to create.

How do you handle errors and bugs? 

The answer to this question will show if your developer has a plan to fix errors and bugs. If they do, you’re good to go!

Can you work on my project’s due date (if it has one)?  

To avoid undue stress, ask your front-end developer if they are available on the due date of your project (if it is a time sensitive project). The answer will show you how much free time they have, and if they are likely to be able to complete the project on time.

Do you have any questions for me?  

This is a great way to end the conversation. Your developer should be interested in you and your company. A candidate that asks you questions is more likely to be a good fit.

Meet the most talented and highest-rated developers for hire

You’re busy. You have lots to do. You have no time to waste. 

You want a developer, but not just any developer. You want an outstanding one. 

We’re here to tell you that’s possible. It won’t come from a resume alone. It comes from hard work, experience, and dedication to the craft. Here at Hiremotely, we take pride in helping our clients find the right developers to work with them because we know that happy clients will help us grow our platform

So, what’s holding your company back from hiring quality front-end developers? 

It might be time for you to rethink your recruitment approach. Hiremotely has taken the pain out of the process, allowing you to hire talented front-end developers online. Submit your requirements below to get matched with a front-end developer that’s perfect fit for you, your culture, and business needs.

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