How to Find a Long Time Stay in Tennessee

The state of Tennessee gave the world the star Jerry Lee Lewis, which is why the city of Memphis is called the capital of rock and roll and blues. Lovers of such music styles are required to visit the state. A favorite tourist attraction is a sea cruise on a ship made in the style of the one on which Mark Twain sailed.

Already interested? And this is just the beginning, one of the few entertainment and facts about the state. Where to go if the vacation in Tennessee is 2021, what prices and attractions await us. If you have planned a long duration trip to Tennessee, then you can also visit Aptamigo to find apartments midtown Nashville on rent.

Let’s see why go there.

Why Choose Tennessee as a Long Time Trip?

On the territory of the state, there are three physical and geographic regions: East, Central and West (they are symbolized by the three stars on the Tennessee flag). Interestingly, unlike any other US state, the division into regions (along with the generally accepted division into counties) in Tennessee is confirmed by law and their boundaries are clearly specified. This is due to the historically established quotas for the representation of regions in government bodies (for example, out of five judges of the Supreme Court of a state from one region, there can be no more than two).

Abraham Lincoln Museum

The museum houses many memorabilia of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. It contains some securities, clothing, dioramas, paintings and more. It is a very interesting place to be one of the first to visit when in Tennessee.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The park contains a huge amount of natural flora treasures. There are several thousand varieties of plants and more than 100 species of trees. Some grow only in this park and nowhere else. There are over 50 different breeds of mammals. First of all, people go here to see the unsurpassed beauty of the eastern United States , the purest rivers, flora and fauna.

For lovers of natural beauty, a visit to Fall Creek and Ruby Falls is a must. The latter is a truly magical place that looks like a colored flash of light from somewhere above.

Museum of Rock and Soul Music

The same place for music lovers is in Memphis. The most interesting thing is to listen to the history of the development of hits from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. You can learn about the life of popular performers in these genres. There are also rare musical instruments. Opposite the museum is the Gibson Guitar Factory.

The USA is famous for its food festivals. One of them, strawberry, also takes place in Tennessee.

Great Stage Park

This place is made for meeting friends. A large green area welcomes visitors around the clock. People come here to have a barbecue, play sports and intellectual games, just take a walk, enjoy the fresh air away from the city. Therefore, if you have already visited everything you wanted, and there is still time left, head here.


A night in a Tennessee hotel will cost from $50 to $400. The average price for a regular, comfortable room, without any frills, is about $80 or more. And the average bill in a restaurant ranges from $ 5 to $ 50, depending on the level of the establishment.

It is a paradise for rock and roll music lovers. Lovers of virgin landscapes will find something to their liking. Come here with friends and you will remember your vacation for a long time!

Blue Ridge Mountains in Tennessee

West of the Blue Ridge Ridge lies the Tennessee Valley (“Great Valley”), part of the Appalachian Ridge and Valley (“Ridges and Valleys”) region. Numerous rivers and streams flowing down the mountain slopes separating the fertile valleys form the headwaters of the state’s largest river, Tennessee. By visiting this site you can know about Cruise Nation Promo Code.

Farther west, the Cumberland Plateau (part of the Appalachian Plateau) rises above the valleys. There are many karst caves on this ravine-cut plateau with a height of 450 to 600 meters, the longest of which is Blue Spring (over 38 km). Flowing southwest to Alabama , the Tennessee River has carved over forty kilometers into the Cumberland Plateau, one of the largest river canyons east of the Mississippi .

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