How to Detox from Substance Abuse?

Once you try to quit the use of the drug and get scared of how to deal with the withdrawal then you should opt for the well-designed detox program. When you go for the detox from drugs under around-the-clock monitoring, then you can have faith in the treatment comprised of medication, therapy, and support system by the professionals to help you throughout the treatment. It’s become easier to deal with the serious withdrawal symptoms along with the social and medical traits of the drug detox.

Commencement of the detox method

Once you start the detox process, you will experience different side effects, as every drug has its effects. Getting rid of the drugs is not a comfortable process, whether you have physicals or mental dependence on the drug. The foremost step is to decide for cleaning up your body from all the toxins accumulated in the system. Secondly, finding an expert whom you can trust on the treatment plan he/she suggested for you. It’s completely your choice whether you opt for the outpatient or inpatient florida drug and alcohol rehab facility. 

Settings for drug detox

Following are the common settings for drug detoxification:

  • Inpatient detox treatment

Well-designed, throughout medical assessment, counseling, and support group programs. This type of treatment is usually carried out at a detox clinic or any hospital.

  • Residential detox facility

Well-equipped treatment plans that address both the medical and social needs of the patient during the process. It provides an encouraging environment for you to maintain the denial of drug use.

  • An intensive outpatient detox program

The treatment program that offers partial supervision as per medical assistance and counseling sessions needs to be taken 6-8hours in a day. 

  • Outpatient social detox facility

This type of facility is meant for the psychosocial treatment process that may involve motivational therapy, group counseling, and support system.

Stages of Detoxification

Once you decided to quit the drug abuse, you may have a lot of concerns in your mind like what happens when you start a detox program? and what can be the duration and outcome of it? This aspect cause speculations and fear in many people who are addicted to heroin, marijuana, crystal meth, or multiple drugs. By having complete knowledge about the treatment then it may relieve some agony. Following are the three primary stages of detox treatment without which is the process will remain incomplete:

  1. Evaluation

The initial step in the detox program is the complete analysis of your body through an interview or some testing to determine the level of toxicity of the drug and the type of drugs in your system. An expert medical personnel will evaluate your complete medical and physical health to determine the existence of any underlying medical factor that may intervene in the detox process.

  1. Stabilization

Pharmacological and mental as well as social support is provided to take you out of the physical trauma of the withdrawal. Different medicines are incorporated to comfort serious symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, muscular convulsions, etc.

  1. Transitioning into recovery

After the completion of the physical stages of drug withdrawal, the next stage of the treatment will be for mental health. At this stage, you will learn tools for the new controlled life to reach sobriety.

Additional care after detox

An abundance of care is needed during substance abuse treatment. Group support and counselors must be there for you to give appropriate help with managing the stress, occupational backing, nutritional help, and relationship advice. No doubt, it takes a lot of effort to burst the balloon of addiction, but the accomplishment of recovery is the real thing you have ever done.

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