How to Color Your Hair Using Henna Paste?

Henna, sometimes referred to as Hina or Mehndi, is indeed a blooming evergreen plant. Although most people connect mehndi (Henna) with India since it is an essential part of Indian ceremonies, the beginning of mehndi for beautification purposes has its roots in Egypt.

Mehndi was first used to color both fingernails and hair in Egypt. For millennia, henna – the technique of applying henna on the skin traditionally thought to bring joy, fortune, and wealth.

Today, henna is well recognized as a popular beauty product in India that has treated most hair problems since ancient times. Over the years, women have followed their moms’ and grandma’s advice and used henna for hair, relishing its advantages.

Listed below is a step-by-step guide on using henna to color your hair:

Step 1 (Rinse, Rinse, Rinse): It is always ideal for rinsing your hair using a gentle shampoo before applying henna to cleanse all the dirt and excess oil from your hair and scalp. Using a conditioner must be avoided as it will hinder the mehndi from entering your hair, thus not allowing it to serve its purpose.

Apart from this, to prevent stains, use coconut oil or lotion or petroleum-based gel over your temples, forehead, ear, and neck. Usage of gloves is preferable as they will protect your hands and nails from any stain.

Step 2 (Partition Your Hair Into Strands):  Once you have combed your hair and gently detangle them carefully, part the hair to the center. Separate your hair into small strands to ease the application process.

Use a brush to apply the henna paste generously from the scalp to the end of each hair strand from the uppermost layer. Ensure that the new hair is well caved. Continue the same step on the remaining portions of hair.

Step 3 (Tie and Cover): Coil and tie the applied part together into a bun. Then, go through one part to the next. You may also fix your hair with a clip, hairpin or shower cap. It will help the henna settle well for a more extended period on your hair and thus provide all the essential benefits of henna for hair.

Step 4 (Recheck): Once you’ve coated all the areas of hair, give some extra coverage near the forehead where you believe it is needed, such as the hairline and the scalp area. This is the most visible area, and the difference is easily highlighted if you miss out on this portion.

Step 5 (Final and Essential One): The mehndi paste takes two or four hours to dry. However, if you let it dry for a more extended period, the colour will be more intense. Once dried, get into a shower, spray some water and massage your scalp and hair.

Using warm water is preferable and then rinse your hair only using plain water to wash out the remaining henna. Using a conditioner could help to release the mehndi paste quickly. After rinsing off, gently towel-dry the hair. Henna usually takes around one to two days to develop and show its shade fully; it will initially seem orange, then gradually deepen.

These are some of the essential steps to note to colour your hair using a henna paste. It is critical to ensure that the mehndi paste you use should be 100% genuine. Go ahead, examine and pick the best one for your hair!

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