How to Choose the Best Spy Books to Read

A bookworm and ardent reader is usually less picky about what genre to go for. However, once in a while, you feel like reading a thrilling story that you put down only when you have finished reading it all. In a world where thousands of books are published in a single day, it gets hard to create a non-fiction bestseller list for yourself. You find it tough to figure out which books are worth reading and which ones are worth leaving on the shelf. Also, sometimes you fall into the trap of buying a bunch of books that you never really read. 

For narrowing down your list of interesting non-fiction books to read, Andrew Gilbrook brings you these simple tips that get you the best books. 

Going For Events That Pique Your Interest 

Any world-changing event or occurring is bound to become the subject of a book sooner or later. Whether it is Boris Johnson, another war, or a secret mission, certain stories come up that you feel compelled to follow. So if you find you are drawn to spy thriller books, search up the events or biographies you would want to read about and list them down. 

Soft Skills and Hard Skills

Non-fiction books tend to teach you some sort of skill. There are ones that embed in you soft skills while others teach you hard skills. The soft skills include leadership skills, organization, time management skills, and other things of the kind. In comparison, the hard skills are more technical in nature, such as graphic design, software programming, digital marketing, etc. Books can include both types of skills, but most fall in any one of the categories. You can decide the kind of book you are more interested in so that purchasing the book you will fall in love with becomes easy.

Zip through the Documentary Section of TV Providers to Pick Your Topic

Documentaries usually have a book written on them. You will be surprised to find several books written on a single topic. Search for documentaries on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other TV provider to find your favorite topic you can buy a book on. 

You Don’t Have To Read Books That Don’t Captivate You 

Allow yourself to enjoy the books you read. Stop reading books that you feel don’t captivate you since you fail to learn anything. Instead, you engage yourself in something that you don’t like, and you will be less likely to remember it. Not all books are for you to read. 

Less Is More

It is good to be picky about the material you read. With an overwhelmingly large amount of books being produced, you don’t have enough time to buy and read all of them. It will also allow you to save money as well as utilize your money on higher-quality books. It is more important to have 3 good books rather than 5 or 6 that do not have quality content. It becomes easier to retain information in these books that you often read more than once. You don’t have to be super minimalist, but having a cap on the number of books you read benefits you. 

Skim through the books you read and also consider foreword to get yourself a genuine non-fiction bestseller list that you will enjoy reading! 

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