How to choose earrings for your face Helps to enhance the look of the girls to look stylish

How to choose earrings to match the face that girls should know, in addition to making their faces look more beautiful. It also helps to enhance your personality and confidence. If you want to know what kind of earrings your face is suitable for so hurry up and sees. Do girls know that besides the clothes Jewelry can also help enhance our look, especially earrings, because they are the jewelry closest to the face, so choosing earrings that suit your face will help enhance your face to look even more beautiful? Each person has a different face structure make some people wear some pretty earrings but the other one is wearing it and it’s not beautiful. Therefore, every girl must know. How to choose custom bamboo earrings for your face the qstomise make it personal was brought together today that you will be suitable for what kind of earrings. Let’s see.

How to choose earrings for your face

  1. Round face

 Girls with round faces are suitable for hanging earrings or dangling earrings this will help make the face look slimmer and longer. The earrings that should be avoided are round hoop earrings and round key earrings because they will make our faces look rounder.

  1. Square face

For women with a square face or large jaw, it is recommended from us to choose earrings that are of medium length. It is a circle, oval, or a short hanging bush but should not choose earrings that are square in shape because it will make the face look squarer

  1. Long face

Girls with long faces will need to enlarge the side faces to make them look wider and camouflage to make the face look shorter for this reason; they are suitable for tufted earrings ear hook short dangling earrings Medium to large hoop earrings and round earrings

  1. Oval face

 Congratulation to girls with oval faces too because you guys are suitable for all kinds of earrings. but triangular-shaped earrings or round earrings will help enhance the face to look more beautiful.

  1. Heart-shaped face

 Ended up with a girl with a heart-shaped face suitable for dangling earrings and drop earrings Because they will help fill the lower part of the face that is slender to look more balanced. When you know the secret to choose earrings like this, the girls try to apply them together will have a more beautiful and confident face

Learn how to choose earrings to enhance your face, hair, and personality

Do you know how earrings make people look better and when choosing earrings wisely can enhance your image? Disguise the weaknesses while adding color and perfection to the clothes you wear. Instead of choosing a pair of earrings that you like only 

Let’s choose earrings to enhance the face, hair, and personality to look better.

Choose earrings by hair color

If you have light hair, gold glitter looks better with gold or pink gold earrings. If you have dark hair, silver or platinum earrings look great.  For pink or red hair tones, gold earrings will make you stand out. But copper earrings will suit you well. The earrings are silver and gold or silver and copper can be worn by everyone

Choose earrings based on the length of the hair

If you have long hair, very small earrings may not be as prominent as it should be try a pair of earrings that are a bit bigger or a bit longer and will be more eye-catching. For short hair, it can be worn in almost any style. Whether it’s a small ear large, long to the loop for girls with very short hair, if they wear large earrings, they may need to reduce other accessories not to look too much.

Choose an earring from the face shape

Women with a round face, full face, avoid hoop earrings; round earrings because they will make the face look rounder, long earrings, or hooked earrings. It will help camouflage the face more slender. Women with long faces avoid very long and thin earrings and opt for wide ones instead can be worn in a style that is not too long. Choose earrings that have a bit of volume square or a loop is right for you. 

Choose earrings from the clothes you wear

If you wear bright clothes, choose plain personalized bamboo earrings. Otherwise, it will look tasteless. When do you wear simple clothes and colors? Gradually choose earrings that look a bit playful. To attract eyes should choose earrings to match other jewelry that is worn as well, for example, if wearing a necklace that is already featured it is better to choose simple earrings. But if you wear long earrings, avoid necklaces that are large or very detailed.

Choose earrings based on personality

Choose earrings to have fun with and tell you who you are let’s having fun choosing earrings. If you like cats, get a pair of cute cat earrings. If you like dogs, there are many different dog earrings to choose from. If you like one-of-a-kind items try making some earrings yourself, it’s not that bad. Why not give it a try? Then see what kind of earrings you wear and look good. Have fun choosing earrings. To make you look more eye-catching, let’s do it by clicking on the highlighted link and get new ideas about this.

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