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How to Choose a Reliable PPC Agency

PPC or Pay-per-click advertising is a digital marketing method that skyrockets your business to the top of Google or on sites that guarantee to get you noticed.

This method is best described as pay to play.

PPC is a quick and affordable way to get your business out there early on and can show you the benefits of keeping it around through consistent updates on your data. The data on PPC is clear, it’s effective at getting results, and year on year investment in PPC advertising has increased. In 2017 alone over $10 billion dollars was invested.

So we know PPC advertising works, it’s the old adage of “spend money to make money”. This is true, but only if you know what you’re doing. This is where a PPC Agency Melbourne comes in.

Any experienced PPC Agency has spent countless hours learning and experimenting all that they might need to know to create effective and efficient campaigns. They will have methods to their madness and a good foundational set of requirements to get you your campaign working great.

It’s important to know that PPC advertising isn’t something you can start to produce on your own. There are plenty of online tutorials to get you through the basics, but each PPC agency will have a much more in-depth approach than what you might find on the internet alone. It’s not impossible, but it is time consuming. One of the best reasons to go with a PPC agency is to make sure that you’re maximising your expertise in your business, while they get your campaigns bringing in leads.

To help you choose a reliable PPC agency, you need to first understand what you’re going to them for. This is the very first step to consider before reaching out to a professional, understand what your intentions are with your PPC campaign. Some things that you might be going for would include; adding higher quality leads to your sales funnel, Selling more of a certain product, or more of a certain category of products. You could be trying to increase the number of users that come to your website or your landing pages each month, or you could be building awareness for your brand. Whatever the goal might be, it is important that you have one when approaching a PPC agency. It’s important to remember that getting your goals 100% isn’t necessary, you just need to have an intention when approaching PPC campaigns and getting to the finer details of those intentions can be fleshed out when you actually sit down with your new PPC agency.

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So now we have a good idea of what you want from your new PPC agency, and you’re ready to work together with them, let’s now establish how to choose them.

The value good data, analytics and results. This is a key characteristic to look out for. The best agencies will understand how to use your data to come up with new strategies. They will be implementing changes based off of better attention to certain keywords, or highly effective ads. They get a better idea of your target market over time and as a result can produce higher quality campaigns for you as those results come in. Good agencies will be sharing this data with you and touching base at a reasonable interval to keep you aware.

Another way to know if your PPC agency is going to be a good fit knows that they will be saving you time and money. The advantages are that an agency will already have prior knowledge and can ensure that your campaigns run effectively. They can show you the benefits of having them by educating you on how they do their work in an easy-to-understand report and phone call. This way you know how your marketing is working for you, and you understand a little bit better on how to pivot your campaign when you wish to change your goals. They will also save you money by not needing to hire an in-house digital marketer. Having a PPC agency available to you is a huge cost saver if you were considering getting an in-house marketer, saving costs on benefits, and salaries. Outsourcing your PPC advertising allows you to have good control over the working relationship with that agency.

Another way to help you make your decision is to understand the methodology of your desired agency. This is usually achieved by having an initial consultation, or through offering a quote/proposal for your given campaign. In this area it is important not to shy away from understanding how they conduct their keyword research, what bidding strategies they use, and how they optimise those bids, as well as knowing how they collect and analyse your data. All super important considerations to make when choosing your PPC agency.

Now that you have your technical conversations out of the way, it’s always important to actually chat with the people that are looking after your business day in and day out. Minimising miscommunications is always going to be key when working with partners so early on you should be asking if you will be getting a dedicated account manager, or if you’re dealing with a bunch of people. You should ask about timelines, and get a good understanding of expectations surrounding the creation of a campaign, or changes made to a campaign. Lastly, it’s important to identify if you will be receiving reports from the PPC agency, and how frequently they may do that.

Overall, there are a heap of PPC agencies out in the world, and not all are made equal. Going with an agency that is easy to get along with and has experience to back up their sales pitch, will be a much better option than picking one that is considered the most cost-effective. Be sure to have an open chat about how you want to achieve these goals with your potential PPC partner and feel free to chat to an expert today.

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