How to check a domain’s history before buying it

Your website’s success greatly depends on the choice of your domain name. You will often hear that having a memorable catchy domain name that sticks to your mind is considered the most beneficial for your website. Moreover, it is suggested for people to go for old domain names instead of new ones if they want a better Google ranking. This is because Google spiders may have not crawled into those before and so it may not give you the ranking you may wish for on the result pages. The old domain names are known for having some authority built over the years they have been used, making Google trust these sites better and giving them a higher ranking. However, this is not the only factor you must be attracted to because let’s not forget, your domain name may actually have a dark past you are unaware of. Experienced web professionals and website development specialists highly advise to go through the history of a domain name before you jump in to buy it. Obviously you still need to stick with the domain name that promotes your brand, but certainly not for the one whose history looks a little gray.

What tools can be used to check a domain’s history?

Today, there are a number of internet tools that you can use easily to have a complete background and history check of your PK domain name. These are mentioned below:

  • Internet Archive Wayback Machine

One of the popular tools to get your domain history checked in no time. This service stores the snapshots of all the resources. The analyzer’s job is to save a copy of the site during indexing. All media and text is stored in the form of text archive and HTML data. The search process is pretty simple where you need to type on your search engine and land on their official website page. Enter the URL of your domain name in the search bar, press enter and learn the past of your domain name. Web archive tells you everything about the domain name, from its age to informing you about how relevant it is to you. Based on the results of the history, you can easily figure out whether you need to buy it or not. The plus point is that the internet archive wayback machine is 100% free.

  • DomainTools

Operating for the past 20 years, DomainTools is another reliable platform to check the history of your domain. The service provides you with highly comprehensive data of all generic and top level domains. With the stored Whois, you can look up the complete history and ownership of the particular domain, including its hosting history, DNS intelligence and IP address history. The full range of products from enterprise security like domain risk score, investigation platform, fisheye, API integration and other monitoring and personal domain research products makes DomainTools a complete solution for domain history checking.  However, know that you have to pay for certain features of this service.

  • HosterStats

Another free option for checking a domain history and statistics is HosterStats. With a huge database of over 600 million domains, you can search for any domain name after the year 2000. The action algorithm simply requires you to enter the domain URL, press the search button and you will instantly be provided with the complete history, traffic report and its estimated worth. HosterStats even provides you with the number indexed pages of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It will also display all the backlinks of the domain, browsing rate, WOT score of trustworthiness and other statistics.

There are a number of other platforms you can always check out like IntoDNS, Norton Safe Web and SEMRush. A few things to keep in mind are that any domain name with spam links linked to a website is not the best choice for purchase if you want rapid development. Make sure to consider the number of pages linked to the site, the anchor its spam, absence of questionable resources and the quality of websites with the backlinks.

Summing up

There is no guarantee that an old domain you are buying is safe or not, but these tools can certainly help you with the case. A domain may not have a good reputation amongst the internet users for its bad project history. Obviously the filters and bans can be dealt with, but why waste time if you can buy a successful domain name immediately. You will need to know about: f95 zone.

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