How to become Idaho Falls Accountant

Are you the aspiring candidate who wants to become an accountant in Idaho Falls? Working as an accountant is a dream comes true for many. There is a proper procedure which needs to be followed to be an accountant in Idaho.  If you want to know how to become Idaho Falls Accountant then you are at the right place. We will give you immense details here.

As per US News and world report list, Idaho Falls ranks on the 5th position for business. To be a licensed accountant in Idaho Falls you need to be Certified public accountant (CPA). It is a license which is earned through the knowledge, education, and experience. One can be called accountant by the type of work they do. All CPA’s are accountant but all accountants are not always CPA.

CPA is government recognized individuals who can freely perform the accountancy duties. They are expert, experienced and reliable for their core competencies. CPA is authorized to do tax planning, they can make financial statements and can even do financial planning with forensic accounting, income tax and auditing the internal account system of a business. This article will through the light on the steps to follow to become successful Idaho Falls accountants.

Let’s see the steps which need to be taken to become a CPA in Idaho Falls

Quick Steps To Become CPA

  • 150 semester hours in college

It is mandatory to complete 150 semester hours in the college to complete the CPA course in Idaho Falls.

Person will need a bachelor’s degree with business courses for 30 semester hours.

  • Gaining the Experience

To attain the CPA license it is mandatory to have at least professional experience for minimum 1 year i.e. 2, 000 hours.

This experience has to be in accounting services only.

  • To complete AICPA exam and ethic course

It is needed to complete the course and the exam of professional Ethics from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountancy (AICPA)

Passing percentage needs to be equal to more than 90%. Post clearing the course and the exam, license will be allotted.

  • Background verification check

To appear for the CPA it is mandatory to get the background check done as having no criminal record is one of the eligibility criteria to appear in the CPA entrance.

Applicants need to complete Idaho Department of Law Enforcement Criminal History Records Check. A form named Criminal History Record check form needs to be filled completely by the applicant. Basis this form criminal background check is run. Clean background check gives the permission to appear for the CPA examination.

  • Clearing the Common test – CPA examination

CPA examination is been conducted by AICPA. This entrance is administrated by National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). Applicant should be willing to relocate to Idaho Falls and should become a resident.

Post submitting the CPA examination form the board, it will be approved by them. Notice to Schedule (NTS) will be received post the form gets approved and accordingly time slot can be selected and candidate can appear for the examination. This exam has four sections which can be passed in 18 months with the passing score of equal to more than 75.

  • Applying for the license

On clearing the examination candidate is entitles to apply for the board for license.

Candidate has to fill the form available by log in to Board’s website. Post filling the application forms available on the Board’s website, license will be granted

  • Achieving the license

When board will receive the application form for License, a receipt will be given to the candidate.

In the backend a thorough check will be done on all the documents and examination scores to cross verify that all the parameters are met.

When Candidate backend check is completed and all parameters are met and are correct, the board will send the letter of approval which will have wallet card, CPE instruction, License number and a PIN to renew the license online. Candidate can start working as a CPA post receiving the license number.

  • Getting license renewed as per the time and continuing professional education

It is compulsory to renew the license on yearly basis i.e. every 1 July.

Also, on ongoing basis agent needs to complete Continuing Professional education (CPE)


The mentioned steps will work as a ladder to reach the height of becoming the Idaho Falls accountant. By following these steps properly one can be certified as CPA and can do all the financial planning and decisions by opening a small business.

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