How Do Vape Flavours Work?

Smoking is bad for you, we all know that. It is admittedly annoying how vehement people are these days, kind of overstepping bounds in their quest to promote healthier lives. But, let’s be honest, it is bad, and if there is an equally-pleasant and much safer way to enjoy our habit, we should absolutely be using that.

In that light, severe scientific advances in vape flavours in general vape juice formulation have skyrocketed in recent years, providing increasingly wild and enjoyable flavours while also making the juice more satisfactory as well as further ensuring its safety for users.

But, what is it exactly, how does it work and why is it safer than smoke? Smoke is made of ash and toxic compounds along with the oils you actually want, these are things that incineration produces. Contrarily, vape juice is comprised of a glycerin compound, salt nicotine if nicotine is present at all, and some sort of flavoring.

The glycerin compound, usually a form of vegetable oil or propylene glycol, is completely inert and doesn’t interact with the body. It is as inert as water, the water would be unsafe to use for a host of reasons. These sorts of glycerin’s are also used in inhalers, party fog machines and other such concepts. The salt nicotine, if the juice has nicotine at all, is the same kind of completely crystallized nicotine extracted used in quitting products like gums and patches. It is only called salt nicotine because of its crystalline and pure nature, there is nothing of the tobacco left in it.

Nicotine itself isn’t really that harmful in the doses you get from smoking or vaping. It is very addictive, and it’s not good for growing bodies or people with heart or lung illnesses, but otherwise, it isn’t the problem directly.

Finally, there is the artificial flavoring. These can vary wildly, but are formulated using the same sciences and palette of ingredients used in flavorings for just about anything else including foods. These have to be approved by a local food and drug regulations within Australia or anywhere else, meaning that they have to be completely safe for human consumption via being inhaled.

Now, there is also the absence of the toxins from smoke as well as the irritating ash. Vape juice doesn’t burn, it gets rapidly evaporated by an electric heating coil. It doesn’t change as chemicals stayed at all, merely its matter state.

There are positive advantages to this as well, because vape flavours can vary significantly, reproducing cigarettes, blended fruit flavours, coffee and beverage flavours, the skies the limit. I see bubblegum vapes, I see cheesecake vapes. I myself am partial to simple mint and ice flavours, having been a menthol smoker before that. If you are a menthol smoker, I recommend just about anything with ice in its name for the extra, effervescent sensation that other things lack.

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