How Amla Helps You To Have Beautiful Hair

Amla has a wide range of health benefits to the body as it has a great nutrient profile.A good source of vitamin A, vitamin B, Vitamin C, fibre, gallic acid, phosphorus, iron, carotene, and other, it has several health benefits to offer. As amla has shown reduction in hair fall, many experts suggest amla powder for hair. Many brands are already available with their amla hair oil and claim to provide healthy hair. Some of them are providing online ayurvedic medicines for hair.   People are also getting benefits from them. But people can get more benefits if they intake amla as well along with applying in their hair. Here are some reasons why you should use amla powder for hair.

  • For Better Scalp Health: Scalp health and cleanliness is very much required for hair health. Impurities are one of the major reasons for unhealthy scalp that can affect the health of hair. Also pH level of the scalp is the reason for itchiness in the head that results in dandruff which is again not good for hair health. So, it is better to use the Amla powder for hair to prevent the dandruff accumulation. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of amla are very helpful to stop the dandruff. Also manages the pH level on the scalp so that you can enjoy better hair health. Using it with tulsi leaves and turmeric can help to ensure healthy hair. So, apply it on your hair and rinse with cold water after 30 minutes.
  • Prevents Hair from Premature Greying: People are experiencing premature grey hair a lot these days as their lifestyle has changed drastically. They are more into having junk foods. Because of The lack of nutrients, hair starts getting grey before the age. So, proper nutrients are required to avoid this issue. Amla has all the nutrients that are required to prevent hair from getting premature grey and maintain the natural colour.
  • Hair growth: Essential fatty acids are needed for hair growth. Amla has all of the nutrients that penetrate into the follicles that make the hair voluminous, bouncier, softer, and shiner. You can use shikakai and reetha with amla powder for hair and get faster hair growth. Make a smooth amla paste and apply them deep into hair strands and get long hair after some time. Keep the pack at least 30 to 40 minutes on your hair and then wash it with cold water. Don’t use hot water, it is not good for your scalp.

Beautiful hair says alot about health. If you have healthy hair, it means your body has a balanced amount of nutrients. The pack of nutrients will help you to get overall health and wellness. Also improve digestion, help in weight loss, blood level regulation, and many more. So, beauty also means health when it comes to the beauty of hair. So, include Amla in your diet and use amla powder for hair. To get healthy hair, you have to adopt some healthy habits like avoiding stress, quitting smoking, avoiding pollution, better sleep, and many others.

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