Holiday Season Branding: The Guide to Creating the Best Holiday Logos in 2021

The holiday season is a special time for many brands. It’s when they can create a lasting impression and skyrocket sales during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year.

One of the most important aspects is marketing campaigns, in particular, getting the best holiday logos and branding designs. The first thing that a potential customer encounters with a company is undoubtedly their logo. If the logo fails to resonate then that’s a valuable sale lost. This is highlighted during the holiday season when people are looking for gifts for their friends and family.

This handy guide goes over how to effectively use the holidays to put your brand in front of shoppers worldwide. We will also list some of the best holiday logos for 2021. Their refreshing creative spin can be used as inspiration for your own holiday logo!

4 Steps to A Memorable Holiday Marketing Campaign

It’s important for marketers to strategize when developing content for the holidays – think about who your target audience is and what they want (holiday gifts, winter sports, etc.).

Marketers should also be aware of what other brands in their industry are doing, and how they can differentiate themselves from competitors.

In addition, the campaign management machine must be well-oiled because festive days are all jam-packed together towards the end of the year. Therefore, it’s important that you get the right graphics delivered on time.

Finally, localization may have positive effects because the campaigns will feel hyper-targeted. For example, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Hanukkah and Christmas campaigns should have slightly different designs to maximize results.

What Are the Different Types of Campaigns?

There are three main types of holiday marketing campaigns you should be aware of: Content Marketing, Branding, and Email Campaigns.

Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing focuses on generating original content that meets the needs of your target market to capture high intent leads. A content marketing strategy will generally involve creating posts with accompanying graphics on social media platforms, or publishing blog articles so they can be shared with followers.

Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is one of the most popular ways to get in contact with people who have shown interest in your products. It’s an easy way to quickly send out important updates and build up hype for the holiday discounts, among a large database of people.

Branding Campaign

Branding is a powerful marketing tool that captures attention and efficiently communicates the values of your brand. In particular, branding campaigns that add a unique holiday twist to a well-recognized logo are highly effective. This is because the refreshed design subtly evokes the feelings that we normally associate with the season of giving: joy, warmth and community. Ultimately, this could encourage shoppers to purchase the product.

Tips on How to Use Christmas Colors & Symbols Effectively in Your Logo

The holiday season is a perfect time to use Christmas colors and symbols. However, it’s not always easy to know which colors are best for your festive designs, or how to combine them in the right way.

Here are some tips from graphic design experts:

1.) Be original

Avoid making the mistake of only using red or green, otherwise your content will get lost in the sea of Christmas marketing material. In other words- don’t be basic! You might want to focus on more subtle tones, such as silver or gold tones for accents instead. In addition, take note of the theme for this year’s holiday season and plan your Christmas palette around it.

2.) Don’t go overboard with Christmas symbols

Make sure that you highlight the refreshed logo without overwhelming the new design with heavy-handed Christmas iconography. It’s easy to throw a Santa hat or a Christmas tree next to any logo but that won’t necessarily make it memorable.

3.) Add an interesting hook

The logo is the attention grabber, but what really builds excitement is a great holiday deal. Make sure that your offer is noticeable and that people know how to claim it.

4) It’s okay to take inspiration from others

Look at holiday logos that you love and evaluate why you feel like they hit the nail on the head! These brands have already produced designs that have generated results, so see how you can adapt certain elements to your own holiday logo.

Now let’s check out examples of brands that got it right with the best holiday logos and campaigns!

Effective Holiday Marketing Campaign Logos for 2021

The most successful holiday campaigns are ones that convey a clear message to consumers and are thoughtfully designed. They need to be more than just an afterthought in order to jump aboard the Christmas bandwagon. Instead, they need to tell a story or evoke the right feelings.

  • Coca-Cola

Coca Cola’s holiday cans in 2018 included illustrations of polar bears with bottle caps for eyes and a silhouette of the famous bottle on their glistening noses! It was a fun twist to their branding that captured the feeling of togetherness.

  • Google

Many of us are familiar with Google’s doodles. Over the years, the Google logo has been elevated with animations of Santa’s sleigh, reindeer and falling snowflakes during Christmas. Anyone visiting the search engine’s homepage will be treated to a heart-warming show that reflects the cheerfulness, hope and excitement of the holidays.

  • Amazon

The e-commerce giant jumps into the spirit of Christmas every year with special Amazon Prime packaging that is sure to put a smile on the receiver’s face. In fact, it feels just like opening a present instead of the usual Amazon box!

  • Mercedes

In 2015, the automobile company released an ingenious advertisement that used clever lighting to illuminate the car grill in the shape of a Christmas tree. Furthermore, the hood ornament sits perfectly at the top like the Christmas star. Through this ad, they hope that you’ll also be gifting your loved ones a brand new Mercedes!

  • Starbucks

Apart from offering a festive drinks menu, Starbucks also comes out with holiday cup designs every year to join in the celebrations. In 2018, the company came out with 4 designs that were pleasantly abstract, yet classic. They included tastefully reimagined vintage colors and patterns that were positively received by fans.

  • McDonalds

In 2016, McDonalds produced a campaign that used actual in-store products arranged in clever ways to represent traditional festive symbols. This was a delightful reimagining of the brand, and encouraged customers to associate McDonalds with the festive spirit.

  • Target

Target is proof that simpler logos are easy to reinvent for seasonal campaigns. The famous red bullseye dons a festive Santa Claus hat to welcome in the holidays and bring a smile to anyone who enters a Target store.

  • Vimeo

Vimeo’s 2013 seasonal design packed in every holiday design or symbol you can imagine! The logo is a nod to brilliant user-generated content that gets an effective online distribution platform on Vimeo. Hand-drawn doodles are also a growing logo trend if brands want to focus on authenticity and friendliness.

  • Lowe’s

Putting a Christmas hat onto any logo seems to be an overdone move. However, in Lowe’s case the real star of the design is the pom-pom which drapes down to form the letter “O”. The creativity truly shines through and elevates Lowe’s refreshing holiday logo above the crowd.

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