Holiday apartment vs. Hotel

Choosing a hotel or an apartment? Advantages and disadvantages

Here we have a weekend, we have chosen the following direction, but the question arises when choosing a place to stay: a hotel or an apartment? To help answer this question, today we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of hotel accommodation compared to rent. Of course, the choice will largely depend on your needs. But with this information, your choices will be easier and you will know faster what type of accommodation you will choose this holiday season.

Hotel or an Apartment If you choose the hotel, you should know:

Hotel benefits

Nothing to do: there is anything better than dedicating the holidays to resting and forgetting the household chores: tidying up, cleaning, washing up… The main advantage of staying in a regim hotelier bucuresti is to see the room all tidy when we arrive.

Immediate solutions: you need an extra blanket; you want to change your pillow… In a hotel, all these inconveniences are quickly resolved or at least you can go to the reception and complain if something does not suit you.

Room service: if you want someone to take you to dinner without leaving the room, one of the advantages of staying at the hotel is that with a simple phone call, someone will bring your order to you.

Doubts solved: At the hotel they will inform you about how to move around the city, the different transport options you have; you can also take maps or brochures on the various monuments and tourist attractions … The receptionists will enlighten you on any questions that may arise.

Hygiene details: Forgot your shower gel? You didn’t take any towels? No problem! In hotels, there is no need to take sheets, towels or even hygiene items since, generally, they are provided free of charge.

Disadvantages of choosing a hotel:

Lack of privacy: a garsoniere in regim hotelier bucuresti is mainly several rooms along a corridor, so the lack of privacy is one of the drawbacks. It’s very easy to hear the noise of guests from the next room or that they bother you when you enter their room. 

Not suitable for groups: if you are traveling as a family and you want to be all under the same roof, it will be complicated in a hotel since the rooms are generally individual, suitable for couples or for a maximum of three people (by adding extra beds or cradles).

Forget the kitchen: a hotel is not the most economical accommodation and in addition you will have to add all the meals that you will have to take outside the room. You won’t have a kitchen and sometimes you won’t even have a fridge to keep a bottle of water cold if needed a big disadvantage.

Lack of space: you’re going on vacation for more than two days and you feel like you’re taking the whole house with you: suitcases, bags, bikes, beach gear… You think all that will fit in the room from a hotel? It won’t be very comfortable…

Parking: almost all hotels have parking but normally it is paid, and it is quite expensive! It’s not always easy to find places to park around and if we are going to use the car a lot, it can be a bit inconvenient.

Choosing a Hotel or an Apartment? If you choose the apartment you should know:

Advantages of apartment:

At home: we want to go out but also to feel at home during the holidays and this we can only obtain in an apartment. Having our own kitchen, our own bathroom, having space for all our belongings… You won’t have this autonomy in another type of accommodation.

Saving is easy: you can choose an apartment according to the number of people. For example, if you are a couple, a studio will be sufficient but if, on the other hand, there are several of you, an apartment with several bedrooms will be ideal and the price can be divided between all of them. Saving in an apartment is very easy!

Food: We love to eat out, but… did you add up all the holiday expenses if we ate out all the time? Your apartment will have a kitchen, so you can save money. It will be more comfortable if you are traveling with children and you will be able to have all the amenities, just like at home.

Visits are accepted: you are going on vacation for 15 days and your friends are going to come to the villa next door… With an apartment, you can organize a meal and eat on the terrace without having to justify yourself.

Varied extras: Hotel options are quite limited (smoking or not, room with views, and not much more). In an apartment or Tuscany Villas you will have several options: with barbecue, with swimming pool, with terrace, with sea view, with parking space, pet-friendly

Disadvantages of an apartment:

 You have to clean: logically, if you want the independence of an apartment, you are not going to let someone clean so you will have to devote some of your time to tidying up and cleaning during the holidays. No one likes living in a mess!

You don’t know the neighbors: in a cazare in regim hotelier bucuresti you can complain if the other guests make noise, but if it’s in an apartment, it will be up to you to talk directly with your neighbors.  

What should you bring? Each apartment has its own characteristics but generally, you will have to bring items that are normally provided in hotels: sheets, towels… Moreover, as you will have a kitchen; do not forget to check which utensils are available to know if you must bring something essential for you.

Picking up and returning the keys: in a hotel you logically forget about this question since they take care of the check-in and check-out quickly at the reception. In an apartment you will need to make an appointment with the managers to manage the entry and exit of the accommodation. This aspect is not the most annoying but it will have to be taken into account. Now that you know the pros and cons, you can choose the type of vacation accommodation that suits you best. Choosing Hotel or apartment? You choose!


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