Hats – How To Choose And Wear Them? [Guide]

The hat is arguably the most visible element of your outfit.

It is used not only to protect against the sharp rays of the sun and bad weather but also to bring an exceptional touch to your style.

By wearing a hat, you leave a mark of your passage in the memory of the people you have passed. Over time, this accessory has gradually established itself in the field of ready-to-wear. Whatever the style or the occasion, you are bound to find a hat to wear.

But how do you choose the one that will make you stand out, the one that will enhance your look? We will answer all your questions through this article.

How to choose hat?

In order to decide which hat is right for you, we recommend that you take the following steps:

  • Choose the hat MODEL
  • Decide on COLOR and MATERIAL
  • Make sure the SIZE of the hat fits you
  • Check the FINISHES
  • Try on the rope hat

Ideas to decorate with hats

Have you ever considered decorating hats with rope? Interior design and fashion are two disciplines that can marry perfectly and this time we will see a clear example.

Straw hats have become a timeless staple for many and an accessory always at hand in the wardrobe, from the most traditional Provencal design to the striking XL ones, through wide-brimmed designs, those with a silhouette in screen shape and other designs such as Panama.

The straw hats began to be used by travelers and hunters to protect themselves from the sun and rain. For its elaboration the threads or palms that were collected from the field were used, a resistant, inexpensive, and fresh material for its texture and color for the summer.

But despite the fact that their main function is sun protection, we also use them as an accessory and complement to our looks. In this post, we will show you how to get the most out of this accessory by using it as a decorative element to decorate spaces, as well as the different possibilities that exist when placing it and other elements to be able to combine it. Let’s get on with it!

Strategic points

It is the most common, simple, and effective way to decorate with straw hats: choose a strategic point of support such as a doorknob or the corner of a room mirror and simply hang it there.

Wall coat racks

The entrance is the natural habitat for this accessory and the most common way to decorate this room with rope hats is to place them on racks, whether horizontal or vertical. In addition, in this specific room, they are perfect on stools, using the hat in combination with bags or scarves that generate that entrance atmosphere when opening the door.

In any case, the coat rack is not exclusive to this room; it can also be placed on a headboard or in any corner of the house.

If what we want is to create an interesting focal point, either in this area of ​​the house or in any other, the idea is to put together several hats as a set, combined with baskets, and place them on a vertical wall coat rack with multiple hooks. Playing with sizes and shapes, mixing different shades of colors or creating contrasts with the materials that the coat rack is made of are different ways to create small sets of hats to decorate a wall.

Floor racks

Another option to decorate with straw hats is to use floor racks of the type, shape, or color that we like the most, creating infinite combinations.


The hats are perfect for placing them separately, but another way to give them that touch of style is to try with the superposition of them, being one on top of the other and leaving hidden the structure that anchors them to the wall.

Occupying the whole wall

If what we want is to focus on a specific wall, another original way to decorate with straw hats is to use these as a repetitive element throughout it, giving it character and more prominence, making our room create a unique identity.

With tweezers

Another original idea as well as economical to decorate a wall is to use rope or thread, and, with the help of tweezers, hook our straw hats to create this union that resembles a garland. Sometimes, we do not find an element that allows us to be original when decorating a certain space where we want to have a wedding, a celebration, a special date, or simply surprise our guests. In this sense, straw hats are ideal to use this technique and create a unique space with which to set an event.

Creative orientations

The way the hats are placed will give us lifestyle apparel with different sensations depending on how they are placed.

In this sense, when decorating with straw hats, in addition to the most common orientation that is horizontal, we can place the hats vertically, ideal for walls at the back of a corridor or areas where we have a half partition that does not we can think of how to dress.

Another way to decorate with a few hats is to place them at a different level, either in a triangular or zigzag shape. Or use just one and give it all the prominence by placing it in a unique way as a painting, without overlapping elements. As you can see, a lot of options to decorate a wall in an economical and tremendously decorative way, especially for styles such as the Mediterranean, rustic chic or tropical where natural materials shine in their entire splendor. Enjoy them!

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