Guide to linking building

Link building is method of having other websites to link to your pages which can help to getter better results in google search. It all comes down to creating good quality content and getting people to notice it. Links from other websites are treated as “votes” by Google. These votes assist them in determining which page on a particular subject deserves to be at the top of the search results. Therefore, page with more backlinks get higher rank in search results. So many SEO companies work on link building tactics to get better rank for page and more traffic as well. Active seo shield helps you prune your page to get more visibility over internet using these strategies. 

There are several techniques and methods that can assist you in obtaining links to your pages from other websites. Most link-building tactics and techniques can be classified into one of five categories: Add, Ask, Buy, Earn, and Preserve. You should avoid the temptation to submit your website to any single corporate directory available simply to gain another connection. Instead, concentrate on those who are well-known, have a high volume of traffic, and thus have the potential to attract real visitors to your website.

Creating social media presence for your business

It is good practice to have your page listed on social media platforms which can help to bring more targeted traffic from them. Insights from those sites also help to improve your site. As a rule of thumb, Seo experts seek out links from high-authority websites and pages since these links are much more effective to assist their own pages rank higher in Google. When it comes to link building, the proper way to use link authority metrics is to determine how much effort you can put in to get a link from a specific website.


When you are building links, you should focus on where to keep them. The basic idea is to keep them on homepages, the pages you need to rank higher on google and prominent places. One of the most important aspects of connection building is competitor link research. Consider this: the top-ranking page for your desired search query contains all of the required links to convince Google of its supremacy. You will work out which strategies to use to get similar links and outrank the page by researching its links.

Content creation

Outreach is one of the most impactful way to put and showcase your content. Instead of asking somebody to connect to you right away, try to please them with your content and make them like to check it out. What you’d like to do is subtly plant a unique concept from your content in their minds, encouraging them to mention it in a future post.

Communities will help you promote your content to the right people. Whatever industry you’re in, there’s probably a forum or some Facebook, Slack, or Discord groups where like-minded people are hanging out. In certain niches, you could even come across a standalone community platform.

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