Glass balcony Ideas in 2022

There is a balcony, but not used how to design to be practical

One of the most important problems in home design that the current homeowner popularly told architects and designers that “Ask for a house without a balcony” due to the current residence There is a balcony on the bedroom. But a hundred days and a thousand years have never left. Some say that they only went out once during the purchase of a new house. After that, it never came out again. When the balcony has not been used for a long time, it will become a wasteland, collecting dust for placing the air compressor but what the author would like you to notice back then is that we don’t like to use the balcony or the front porch, it’s not worth using?

Tips: Benefits of a balcony it’s not just going out and taking a break but the overhang of the balcony it also helps as a sunscreen prevents rain from splashing in such rooms as well. It also adds dimension to the exterior shape to look beautiful and allows residents to have more privacy.

  1. Open the balcony of the house and see what? 

A nice balcony to use must have an incentive to come out. The corner that opens the balcony of the house must choose a good view lookout to see the beautiful exterior space comfortable to look at. The outside of the house must not match the neighbor’s room. The homeowner should work with the architect in the process of surveying the surrounding land to select the angle that is most suitable for the balcony.

  1. If the original view is not good you can create your own view. 

For a home in the city, it would be difficult to find a beautiful view outside. Or even the current view is beautiful I could not know in advance that will the future be as beautiful as before? There may be a tall building to build nearby. The easiest way to deal with this is to create a view in your own space instead. Maybe design a house like a garden court in the middle of the house To be able to control the view outside in the boundaries of our own land or if there is not enough space Just arrange a small potted garden to make a relaxing corner may start by modifying the old balcony that looks hard. Switch to synthetic wood flooring that supports the sun and rain, and then gradually arrange a relaxing corner to sit as you like, a small corner of a few square meters. It may become a favorite corner as well. 

For flooring materials

You should choose cam balkon materials that are strong durable and can withstand the heat from sunlight and rain well. There should be a Mood & Tone that is compatible with nature may choose hardwood to withstand the external environment, such as redwood, favorite wood, but real wood has disadvantages. When exposed to moisture the heat will easily warp, bend, bend, and generally tend to be quite difficult to maintain. Nowadays, most houses prefer to use materials instead of wood. 

From specially structured fiber cement materials of Portland cement, SCG, pure silica and special cellulose fibers therefore ensuring strength, durability, and good outdoor use with a special technology for clear coating on the wood surface Helps to make the color stick firmly, beautiful, long-lasting, not peel. The installation of decorative floors can be installed in many ways, for example, installed on a concrete floor, fixed with adhesive mortar, or installed on steel joists and fixed with screws. The tip of the drill bit has a 45 mm wing and is decorated with primer paint and overcoat with natural beech fiber cement stain or oak or mahogany brown tones. Add a feeling of warmth close to nature when you sit and sip tea in your free time. 

  1. Appropriate balcony sizes, 

Housing estates, townhomes, or condos, many have balconies. But the area is quite small, about 1 meter deep, placed along the width of the room. The front porch that is designed too narrow will make it inconvenient to use. In the end, it becomes a place to place the air compressor or clothesline rather than sit and relax. The size of the balcony that is suitable for practical use should be wide enough. May have a depth of 1.5 – 2 meters or more to facilitate more practical use, at least to be able to place a chair Or a small garden would be good.

  1. Choose a sliding glass door for visibility and ease of use 

This is very important. And it is the main reason that we forget that our house has a front porch. In the old days, a single wooden door was used with a solid cover. Make the door become a barrier between the outside and the inside and doesn’t seem motivated to open up should choose to use sliding glass doors to open slides along with the room. When looking at the balcony from the inside will open a view through the wall freely I feel like I’ve been using the balcony since I haven’t used it yet. And it’s an incentive to want to go out more often. The advantage of opening a wide glass window also makes the room airier as well. 

  1. Choose the balcony direction according to the time of use.

In addition to the views or the angles that are pleasant to relax. For Thailand, the hot weather affects the usage quite a bit. If you go out on the balcony and find that the sun shines in surely no one wants to sit in the sun. The choice of direction is another important condition.

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