FUT 22 – Monstrous ‘FUT Captains’ Pepe Player Card

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With the current ‘FUT Captains’ promo still going strong, a new player card has just been announced for one of the modern game’s most feared centre-backs – Porto’s 39-year old defender, Pepe!

In the Portuguese Primeira Liga, Porto is considered to be the best team in the country.

Nevertheless, the achievement is only made possible by the presence and leadership of some of the team’s most outstanding individuals, one of them being of Brazilian Portuguese, Pepe.

Now the captain of his team, Pepe has just received his own ‘FUT Captains’ Player Card which boosts his in-game stats similar to his prime at Spanish giants, Real Madrid!

Pepe’s new player card now has astounding overall stats such as:

(CB) Pepe’s ‘FUT Captains’ Player Card: OVR 89

  • Defending: 90 (+8)
  • Physicality: 90 (+3)
  • Pace: 85 (+5)
  • Passing: 78 (+18)
  • Dribbling: 75 (+14)
  • Shooting: 68 (+17)

With all of his defensive abilities around the 90s, Pepe is understandably hard to beat both with and off the ball

Surprisingly, there is only one (1) Squad-Building Challenge (SBC) that you will need to complete in order to nab such a great player card today:

  • PEPE
    • Minimum number of Players from Portugal: 1
    • Minimum number of In-Form (IF) Players: 1
    • Minimum Squad Rating: 83
    • Minimum Team Chemistry: 75
    • Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11

However, the opportunity to redeem him is relatively short with the deadline set on 22nd April 2022 (Friday) accordingly.

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