Freelancers: Reasons to Rent a Desk

As a freelancer, you don’t always work with the budgets that more established businesses do. You might just be working to make enough to support your lifestyle, or you might be trying to build a larger living to support a whole family. It’s all possible, but freelancers need to take every advantage they can get.

For some, one advantage of freelancing is the greater ease with which one can work from home, and not have to bother renting office space. However, this can prove to be more of a burden than anything. Below, we’re making the case for freelancers to take advantage of a dedicated desk rental packages offer and get themselves in a proper office space.

Create Proper Work and Life Boundaries

One of the problems with working at home is that the lines between your professional and personal lives start to become blurred. Over time, it becomes harder to truly separate your working and personal time, with each spilling into the other in a negative way. Work can start to eat up your personal time, and personal distractions and interests get in the way of your job.

Even if you have a dedicated workspace in your home, it’s hard to keep it all truly contained, and it’s impossible when you live in a small apartment as you are forced to sacrifice your dining table to make way for your laptop and work gear. Renting a desk in a coworking space will allow you to have real boundaries between work and life. You can come home to a comfortable, restful living space to enjoy free time.

Get More Work Done

When you’re in the right kind of environment, surrounded by fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs all busying themselves with their respective tasks, it can really help to keep you focused and productive. There’s no time to flood the air with loud music, nor the opportunity to crash on the couch for hours binge-watching a TV series. When you’re at your desk, you’re working.

Netw ork with Fellow Entrepreneurs

Another benefit of renting a desk is that you’ll put yourself in a place where you are surrounded by like-minded professionals who are all working on their own projects and business ideas. As you take a breath to get some coffee, or enjoy one of the common spaces, you can strike up conversations with your fellow coworking space users. Who knows? You might find ways to work together to each other’s benefit.

The act of renting a desk means that you’re putting yourself in the heart of the action, something that means you’re where other people you might benefit from knowing are, too.

Access to Better Facilities

Next, when you rent a desk to use, you can enjoy the atmosphere and feel of working in a more dedicated and productive work environment, but without all the overheads of renting a full-blown office. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t access those other features, such as meeting rooms, as and when you need them.

Many providers of serviced offices and coworking spaces also offer up other rooms and facilities that you can pay for by the hour or the day, as and when you need them. You can therefore enjoy all the perks and facilities that come with office life, but while keeping costs flexible.

Delivers a More Professional Demeanour

Finally, if you’re working in a business where you have to interact with others either in person or online, then having a proper office space helps all of that look more slick and professional. The office provider also gives you a place to use as an address, and you can even access professional phone-answering services. In all, you can create a fantastic professional sheen for even your one-man-band enterprise.

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