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“Minions” is a film with a lot of silliness. Kids can love the Minions and laugh at them at the same time. The yapping and repetitive antics speak to the unspoken needs of kids, who want structure in their lives. The Minions are often funny, but also touching, such as when they imitate the sound of an ambulance siren and kiss a fire hydrant. They also love bananas.

The plot centers on a series of adventures. Kevin and the other Minions attempt to save their human masters from an evil queen. When they break into the Tower of London, they nearly get caught. However, Bob manages to pull out his Sword in the Stone and save the Minions from the Tower. In the meantime, Kevin is trapped in a pub, where he accidentally triggers a machine Herb was building. Kevin grows up and battles the evil queen, but is then forced to go back to his original size.

While “Minions” is a kid-friendly animated comedy, it still teaches important lessons about family, friendship, and trust. “Minions” opens with the Turtles’ “Happy Together,” and ends with the Beatles’ “Revolution.” The movie also features a Minion-Chicken baby.

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