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Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be Link-Building

Search engine optimization allows your small business to compete with the big players in your niche. With SEO, you have an equal chance to reach and attract customers who need your service or product. To do that, you must embrace SEO best practices. SEO goes beyond keywords. You must also focus on on-site SEO, content strategy, and off-page SEO. One vital off-site SEO strategy that you can utilize to maximize your bottom line is link-building. Read on to discover why you should introduce link-building in your marketing campaigns.

What Is Link-Building?

Link-building is simply the process of increasing the number of links your site has. Including link-building in your SEO campaign enhances your performance in search engine result pages. When other sites link back to your web page, search engines like Google will know your web page is likely to have relevant and credible content. But not all links provide the best results.

A few years ago, search engines did not have strict link-building rules. However, many people started using spammy links to boost SEO performance. Eventually, Google had to bring down these sketchy sites and rank relevant and credible pages at the top of search results.

Marketers and website owners must utilize white-hat link-building strategies to improve their ranking. White-hat practices will increase your site authority and page rankings. On the other hand, black-hat link-building techniques like private blog networks, duplicate content, unrelated keywords, and link farms result in penalties and lower page rankings.

Some of the white-hat practices you should adopt include:

  • Publishing authoritative content
  • Creating insightful and unique content
  • Curated link placement
  • Guest posting
  • Influencer campaigns

Five Reasons Why Businesses Should Embrace Link-building

Now that you know what link-building is all about, you are probably wondering why this strategy is vital for your search engine optimization campaigns.

1. Boosts Your Web Traffic

Like everyone else, you also want more traffic to your website. While there are several ways of increasing website traffic, link-building is perhaps one of the most cost-effective ways to get more clicks. Not only that, but link-building can also improve the quality of your website traffic by allowing you to target relevant audiences. Increasing the quality and quantity of webpage traffic may also lead to more conversions and sales.

2. Better Page Rankings

Google link-building and content are among the most crucial ranking factors. When authoritative and credible sites link back to your web page, Google and other search engines will know that you publish relevant and authoritative content. For instance, if a high authority marketing site links back to your marketing company’s website, it proves that you have authority and expertise on marketing subjects.

3. Higher SEO Scores and Site Metrics

Embracing link-building best practices may lead to higher SEO scores and site metrics such as domain authority, keyword rankings, and clickthrough rate. Domain authority, also known as DA, is a measure of your website’s authority for a specific niche or subject. The clickthrough rate indicates the number of visitors who clicked on particular links. Other vital SEO metrics that will get a boost include Alexa Rank, URL rating, and organic traffic.

4. More Revenue Opportunities

Increased website traffic and better SEO scores and metrics significantly increase revenue opportunities. When you leverage link-building, your site will rank higher in search results, bringing more potential customers to you. As a result, you might make more sales and discover new opportunities for revenue generation.

5. Stand Out From the Competition

Every brand wants to become an authoritative voice, and link-building best practices allow you to do just that. With a solid link-building strategy, you can build brand credibility and trust. Naturally, this will lead to better sales and increased revenue generation opportunities. In addition, your clickthrough and conversion rates will also increase significantly because people trust your products and services. Above all, you will continue getting high traffic from your links.

Link-building is undoubtedly the most cost-effective way to increase page rankings and build brand credibility and trust. However, you must embrace link-building best practices to achieve real success. White-hat practices will boost your SEO scores and metrics while protecting against penalties and lower rankings.

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