Five Popular Anti Ageing Skin Treatments

In recent times, cosmetic procedures have gained a lot of attention and acceptance from the mainstream public. People are more after surgeries and procedures, which give them a permanent problem to their skin problems. There are many centres like The Cosmetic Lounge that offer quality services to the customers, including cosmetic injectables and skin treatments of advanced types. The hand of experienced medical professionals from these centres gave them the added benefit of the trust. The treatments carry an element of honesty and truth in them so that they can enhance the beauty of a person, wholly through a natural and realistic approach.

As people grow old, so does their skin. Ageing has always been a challenge for people, especially those belonging to the field where appearance and looks matter. There are different methods of treatment, including injections, fillers and even rejuvenation surgery. Some are temporary, whereas the others are permanent with long-lasting effects.

Thus, even though it is impossible to halt time, there is a possibility to reduce the impact on the skin. Among the treatments for anti-ageing, there are five popular ones performed by professionals like those at The Cosmetic Lounge and can create a huge difference on the skin.

Dermal Fillers

Some substances would be injected into the wrinkles and lines of the skin. The popular substances that go into this would be fats, hyaluronic acid gets or even collagens. The dermal fillers can be used on the lips, face and even the hands of a person. Fillers provide instant results, but they are not long-lasting.

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The fillers can last from 2 months to a maximum of three years as various types are available in the market. Even the provision to inject one’s fat as a filler can last for about three years in a person.


The treatment is aimed at removing the upper layer of the skin. Instead of using a rotating brush in the microdermabrasion method, another machine is used to skin tiny particles on the skin. This requires very little time to heal and can be performed in all kinds of skin types. Moreover, people even used the microdermabrasion method as an anti-ageing routine.

Chemical Peels

In this method also, the upper layer of the skin is removed using an acid. It allows the patients to have a brighter skin tone, which may appear reddish immediately after the treatment and takes time to heal. However, the treatment is highly subjective, and the pattern varies according to the skin types. So the number of required treatment changes according to the skin type as well as the required results.

Non Ablative Skin Rejuvenation

In this method, lasers and other forms of energy are used to treat wrinkles, even the skin tone, and even remove the skin’s age spots. As the outer layer of the skin is never removed, the patient necessarily doesn’t have to observe any recovery time. However, the treatment time changes according to the results one needs to obtain. Therefore, one might see the best results only after a few months of starting the treatment.

 Botulinum Toxin Therapy

Also known as Dysport or Xeomin, the botox injections help a great deal in reducing the glabellar lines that form on the forehead or even the corner of the eye. They prevent the muscles in the area to tighten and make the skin appear young and supple. Even Though there is no recovery time required for the treatment, the effects take time to reveal themselves. The result lasts only for about three to four months.

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