FIFA 22 Guide For Beginner: Best Tricks To Help You Win More 

When passing the ball, the worst thing you could do to yourself is the type of player who determines who’s getting the ball before you snap it, or lock in on a receiver the moment you snap the ball. Because a lot of the time you would develop tunnel vision in what the defense showed you before the snap or a half-second after isn’t always what the play will ultimately end up being. So you end up missing wide-open receivers elsewhere, while you force it to the guy that was open the last time you ran this play. No doubt he will be open again. Today, we are going to bring you the ultimate FIFA 22 beginner guide, that shares the best tips and tricks to help you win more games. If you need cheap FIFA 22 coins, is always a safe online store

1. Pre Determined Throws

What could end up happening is you absolutely missed their user creeping into the screen and they just snatched a smooth interception. It’s tough when something like Hopkins has three catches for 40 yards on the drive. So you want to finish it off with a touchdown. But your opponent hasn’t quickly forgotten Hopkins has been toasted him the whole way up the field. Because you narrowed your focus, they could leave you blind to any adjustment they can make. You’d better let their coverage dictate who’s open and watch your interception rate fall.

2. 2-3 Reads Each Play

That’s why you want to have a built-in two to three reads for each passing play, so you’re not staring down aj brown to get open and panic throwing the triple coverage when a little pressure comes your way. Instead, because you have a game plan on how to execute the play you pick, you need to move on to your next receiver in your reads. Reads are usually set up to complement each other. Your first read could be a drag route, then your second read could be a post route or something else. If the drag is covered more than likely the post is open because the middle of the field defender came up to cover. Setting up your progression can also decrease the likelihood of you being baited into a throw-in general.

3. Follow Your Blocks

Once you give the ball to your running back it’s easy to think okay go time accelerate but not always. Because your blockers are some big boys and speed burst is a very valued commodity. You don’t want to use it before it’s absolutely necessary. Make sure there aren’t any immediate defenders in your path that a blocker can take care of first. Before you take off and your blockers can’t help you anymore. If you notice the incoming defender about to hit you you can set them up to get blocked by faking a cutback or slowing down allowing your big boy to catch up and secure the block for you before you put on the burners.

4. Set Up Favorite Plays

There is a feature that has been introduced recently is in the select a play screen, you’re able to set up your favorite plays without needing FIFA 22 coins that you’d like to use by double-tapping their icon. If you back out go to your favorite play tab, all your go-to plays are there at your disposal, saving valuable time for you. You can’t make any specific package adjustments from the screen.

5. Live To See Another Down

One of the easiest tips to help yourself is learning to live to see another down. If you’re near the sidelines and it’s first or second down, there’s no need to force a deep pass, either take your yards and slide or throw the ball away. Your first reach is covered, but there’s pressure in your face try and escape and throw it away, if not take the sack, it’s better than throwing a pick. Because you felt you needed to throw it. Just got loose with your quarterback fumbling and getting them hurt should be at the top of your mind. Don’t be afraid to slide or run out of bounds in situations like that either.

6. Timing Leverage

Another thing to get the hang of when passing the ball is when and how to throw the pass. You can make the correct read but still, get your pass deflected or intercepted by how early or late you throw the pass, where you lead the receiver towards. So you must be aware of the defender’s positioning as much as the receiver when determining how, when, and where you should throw the ball. Ralph’s total sidelines can turn from easy reception to easy pick, but how late you decide to throw it. The longer you wait, the less FUT 22 coins​ you have and the defender can step right in front of it.

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