Effective Ways to Reduce Costs of Print Media Globally

Research has shown that every business spends around 1 to 3 percent of their annual revenue source on print media. This costs the company lots of money every year.

This sounds like a huge problem, but the solution to this is simple. There are various ways to reduce printing costs, namely:

  • The first way is to take advantage of MPS (Managed Print Services). MPS helps to monitor, maintain and optimize the business’s printing devices and ensures maximum productivity and efficiency. With this, you can reduce your printing costs by 30 percent and also improve the security of your network. 
  • Another solution is to install multi-function printers or MFPs. In this way, you can try to eliminate or minimize the use of personal printers. Regarding print on demand, MFPs are easier to maintain and are more efficient. It also allows you to take control over accessing information. 

In order to save money, there are also some small things you can do to avoid everyday printing costs. These manners are listed below. 

Only make color printouts when necessary

Color printouts can cost you around 40 percent more than black printouts. Also, color printing requires more time and more power than black and white printing. Unless it is critical to use a color print, you can stick to black and white printing to reduce your everyday printing costs. 

Cloud Printing

Another way to reduce costs is to take advantage of the technological advancements and connect to the global cloud printing services. To do this, you can use printing API and place orders easily and track them down through the app itself. Everything is done virtually, which ensures both reductions in the cost and safety of the customers. 

Multi-Page Printing

Furthermore, trying to fit 3-4 pages of information in a single sheet will reduce both ink and paper as well. This will bring efficiency to printing and make the information compact to be used. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Duplex Printing

The name might confuse you, but the actual meaning of what the printing houses infer from this is utilizing both sides of a sheet for printing. Using both sides can reduce the percentage of paper consumption by 30 percent in business houses and therefore safe paper-costs. 

Try and Go Green

Fonts were being created to save the consumption of ink, so why not let that process continue. While this is the age of digital media, try and focus on eco-friendly ways of printing. Or if possible, circulate soft copies to cut the usage of paper and ink at all. This will help you become an eco -friendly business person, and simultaneously you can also contribute to reducing printing costs for your business. 


The printing costs are mostly underestimated by most companies and there is no such software to track the margin of the costs incurred. One must know various ways to shorten the use of ink and reduce the printing costs to make an eco-friendly and economical business environment.

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