Eco-friendly home upgrades that might boost the value of your home by more than £40,000

While homeownership might come with a lot of expenses, making wise choices can pay off in the long run. You can make some smart investments to raise the value of your home, irrespective of whether you wish to sell in the coming years or make great additions for comfortable living. Energy-efficient home improvements might be costly, but they can save you money in the long term by lowering your energy costs and increasing overall property appeal. The outdoor blinds Melbourne locals love might be just the item that you need to make your home more eco-friendly.

In 2022, a record number of households are expected to make energy-saving eco-home upgrades. To save money on bills, over half of homeowners (52%) in the UK aim to make their houses more environmentally sustainable this year. Even a small eco-home upgrade may save you hundreds of dollars. Letting agents in Winchester offer some ideas to make your home more eco-friendly and boost the value of your property.

1. Make your home more energy efficient

It is not always necessary to invest thousands of pounds to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. There are lots of cost-effective and budget-friendly options for homeowners unwilling or unable to do large-scale eco-friendly home improvements. More than 70% of your home’s appliances are available in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient variant. For example, phantom loads can be reduced by using smart power outlets. Households may save money on their energy bills by minimizing their energy demand while they are not in use. For example, replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs takes very little of your time and is a low-cost activity.

It may be more expensive to replace outdated appliances with energy-efficient ones, but it will be well worth it. You may save about £1,600 over the length of the unit’s lifespan by adopting energy-efficient appliances such as Energy Star-rated water heaters. House buyers are willing to spend more for homes with cavity wall and roof insulation, double glazing, and draught-proofing. Large home upgrades may enhance the value of your property by up to £19,000 — £25,000. Moreover, by acquiring a certificate for energy rating, you will be able to impress homebuyers with the superior sustainability of your home.

2. Optimize the heating efficiency of your home

By taking measures to conserve the heat inside your home, you not only reduce extreme energy bills but also increase the overall value of your home. One such measure is using double-glazed windows. You can also add shutters to them during winters to lock in the heat. If you add underfloor heating, the value of your home increases by 5-10% as it functions even at low temperatures, unlike radiators. Another great way to reduce energy usage is to insulate your walls and loft. If you’re looking to sell your home any time soon, you can try draught-proofing your windows and re-caulking old spots. This will insulate your home effectively. A smart home buyer will definitely look for smart thermostats, especially in areas in the north. This will significantly increase the value of your home, and you can also combine it with radiators and isolation valves.

3. Give your outdoor spaces an overhaul

Homebuyers will always look for homes with attractive outdoor spaces. These can be beautiful, well-maintained gardens, or an outdoor deck. An outdoor deck gives homeowners more space to stretch their legs and increases the expanse of the actual living area. Thus, this directly raises the price of the property. Moreover, you can use composite decks made up of eco-friendly and sustainable materials that help increase the life of the deck, unlike wooden ones. A garden with myriad varieties of plants that are attractive and pleasant-looking can increase the price of your home by up to £80,000. Thus, instead of hiring a professional to take care of your garden, you can, in fact, save money by composting and using chemical-free, natural fertilisers. Just by buying some earth-friendly tools and doing a bit of online research, you can save £65 worth of fertiliser every time. You will not only recycle the waste from your kitchen to make compost, but also grow extremely healthy plants and exotic-looking flowerbeds. With greater biodiversity, the value of your home also increases.

4. Using solar panels

Certain larger additions to your home may cost more, but they are definitely worth the price.

One of the most popular amenities you can install to increase the price of your green home is solar panels. Many people believe solar panels are expensive and not a worthy investment; however, with Smart Export Guarantee you can save money through the Green Homes Grant scheme. This covers some part of your expenses and it helps you make use of green energy initiatives. Solar panels can transform almost 20% of the sunrays that hit them into electricity and thus save you a lot on electricity bills. Due to advances in technology, solar panels today are no longer unwieldy and huge. They are a smart and attractive addition to your eco-friendly home and can increase your home’s worth by almost £12,000.

5. Environment-friendly water usage

You can spare yourself remodelling all your bathrooms to be more environment-friendly. Instead, just installing an efficient showerhead and upgrading your toilet will be good for preserving water. By changing the toilet to a more water-efficient model, you can greatly reduce water wastage by almost 60% of your home’s total water usage. This will also lower your expenses by £90 a year. A low-flow showerhead is another great way to reduce energy consumption along with saving water, as you will not consume nearly as much electricity to heat the water for showering.

By choosing such upgrades, you will not just save the environment but significantly reduce your yearly utility bills. Once you give your property a slight green upgrade, you will notice how changes in your lifestyle can help the planet. Besides, along with saving hundreds of pounds, big eco-friendly upgrades can dramatically increase your home’s worth by £40,000.

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