Does volatility affect the Slots Bonus Rounds?

There is no greater feeling in the online casino than pulling down that fateful leaver, watching five watermelons all line up in perfect synchronisation, and hearing the noise of the jackpot coins gushing into the slot machine tray – discover popular online slots today.

Although winning the jackpot in a game of online slot machines is second to none, second to it might be the experience of gaining a juicy little bonus round to send you money that little edge further. Bonus rounds come in all shapes and sizes, from free spins to multipliers, bonus rounds will give all you hard-working igamers out there a little helping hand!

However, some players like their volatility high so that the rewards are less frequent but more fruitful, and others like their volatility low. So, when it comes to online casino slot bonuses, does the volatility of the game affect those rounds? If you want to play online casino game then you will need to know about agensloto.

What are slot game bonus rounds and what is volatility?

The big fish out there reading this will know all too well about bonus rounds in online slot games and may even have a type of volatility rate that they prefer! But, for the small fry who are just taking their first steps in the online casino world then they might need a little clarifying about volatility and bonus rounds in slot games.

Do not worry, we have got all your queries covered:

  • Bonus Rounds – If you have ever played a video game in your teenage years then there is little ambiguity as to what bonus rounds mean. They are essentially a little extra gift or way of playing that a game will offer and there is usually money up for grabs at the end of it! Bonus rounds in online slots usually include free spins, free playable cash, multipliers, and sometimes even little arcade games.
  • Volatility Rate – This is one for the pros who have been in casino gaming for a few years now. Volatility rate refers to how much risk and reward a Agen slot deposit pulsa tanpa potongan game will give you and therefore allows you to customise what games suit your needs. For example, a high volatility rate game will mean infrequent payouts but when they come they are plentiful! Low volatility simply means the opposite! You decide what kind of igaming is for you. Get more information agensloto

So, does the volatility of the game you are playing affect the bonus rounds?

The short answer has got to be that generally, no. However, because the volatility rarely affects the bonus rounds it means that higher volatility games will, in theory, give you fewer bonus rounds because their ethos is that there are fewer wins but more fruitful ones.

This means that the bonus rounds on high volatility games will not come as often as they would in a low volatility game, but when they do manage to make their way round to you, they hold goods and prizes the likes of which you have never seen before!

See what kind of playing style suits your needs and we wish you the best of luck.

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