Discover New Ways to Protect Your Floors at Home

Whether you are moving into a new home, shuffling your furniture around, or just need to scoot a chair across the room with your hardwood floors, you know that moving across hardwood floors is hard work! The furniture makes sounds, scrapes, and scuffs the floors, and generally makes moving hard on you and hard on the surface of the floor as well. 

However, there are several ways to protect your home and ensure that your floors are kept safe no matter what you are doing. Here are some of the best ways, so that the next time you move things around, everything stays safe!

Lift and Don’t Drag Your Furniture

You might be looking at a very heavy piece of your furniture while you are reading this article and wondering ‘how am I supposed to do that?’ That’s fair, but one of the best things you can do for your floors and for the legs of your furniture is to not drag it all across the ground. Do your best to lift your furniture and move it from place to place, or if you can’t lift it, try to at least attach it to a dolly with rubber tires.

Dropping your heavy furniture can be just as dangerous to your floors as excessive dragging, so make sure to wrap the bulky furniture’s legs and feet news hunt inside of fabric, or use fabric sliders to cover the legs and feet to protect your floors. If you want to figure out what the best type of fabric sliders are, then be sure to check out these Ruby Slider reviews!

Fabric sliders are designed to fit on your chair legs, covering the bottom of the legs in a felt that is easy to slide across a hardwood floor. All without scuffing the floor or creating an awful noise whenever you drag it.

Cover Your Floors

When covering your floors, you want a surface that you can move your items on that is smooth enough for dragging, but also durable enough to songsindia withstand some dragging and dropping. Cardboard is a great protective layer to place on your floors, at least for short-term quick moves or giving yourself some extra traction.

You can also cover your floors with Red Rosin Paper, Ram board, and also protective mats. They can be expensive and they take a little time to get onto your floor, but you won’t have to worry about the hardwood getting damaged during the move.

Keep The Outdoors Out

One of the biggest culprits for floor damage, especially on hardwood floors, is the outdoors. People track in dirt, mud, snow, and other debris that can cause a lot of problems for hardwood. For example, water can easily sink into the pores of most hardwood floors, which can lead to stains, as well as warped and buckling wood. 

If you are moving during bad weather, or just live in an area where the outside comes indoors, then make sure to invest in some mats or other deterrents for people to wipe their feet on, or just have a no-shoes policy for your hardwood.

Clean Your Floors Regularly

A good cleaning is one of the best ways to provide some maintenance to your floors. Sweeping, mopping, and wiping them down thoroughly every couple of days is going to protect them from anything life throws at you. Even a good daily sweep is enough to remove dust, dirt, grime, and other debris, which can very quickly build up if given time.

A regular deep clean can also work as well. Breaking out products that are specifically designed for hardwood floors can keep them durable and pristine for much longer than simple cleaning alone.

Invest In Fabric Sliders

Even if you aren’t moving all your furniture around, sometimes the simple act of moving a chair back or scooting forward to be close to the TV onlinebahisforum is enough to scuff your hardwood floors. Fabric sliders are able to get onto the legs of your furniture and then hook on securely, so you can move them around without damaging your floor or the legs of your furniture.

You can buy several different brands, including Ruby Sliders, in bulk and most of them will fit all types of furniture of varying sizes. Just make sure to do your research and ensure that they will fit all of your furniture legs.

Keep Your Floors Safe And They Will Serve You Well

While protecting your floors telesup seems like a silly idea, you want to make sure that you are keeping your hardwood floors as pristine as possible when you are moving your furniture. The less scuffs, scrapes, and water damage that you have on your floors, the better they are doing to look and the better you will feel about living on them!

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