Discounted Books For Cheap Homeschool Programs

Find Free Homeschooling Books and Discount Homeschooling Supplies

Cheap homeschool programs like the apple homeschool discount and free homeschooling supplies from the state can help families save on educational books and software.

Saving money on homeschool books is one way to take the financial sting out of homeschooling. Cheap homeschool programs exist, and some states even offer free homeschooling programs. Curriculum companies even have clearance sales and early bird specials for savvy shoppers.

Cheap Homeschool Programs

One of the cheapest ways to get homeschool books is to borrow them from the library. For families on a budget, homeschooling with library books can be child-led or follow a prescribed schedule. The Well Trained Mind curriculum, which consists of a $20 book that lasts from kindergarten through high school, caters to library usage. Authors Jesse Wise and Susan Wise Bauer guide parents through the selection of other materials and curriculum products, with enough detail that some families are able to create their own curriculum using free homeschool books from the library and internet materials. With child-led homeschooling, also called unschooling, children choose library books on their own and explore whatever they’re interested in.

Discount Homeschooling Supplies

Every August, Wal-Mart lures shoppers in with severely low prices, like 25 cents for a bottle of Elmer’s glue or a box of Crayola crayons. 70-page spiral-bound notebooks sell for a mere 15 cents. It’s a good time to stock up, purchase enough at the discounted rate to last all year long.

For cheap textbooks, ask the local school district about surplus sales. In some areas, they have annual warehouse sales or even give the books away. Be wary of “dumbed down” materials, though. Some tutors from the best cheap essay writing service prefer to avoid textbooks because the information is presented in an over-simplified way that causes more confusion than understanding.

Visiting a homeschool convention is a way to get discounted curriculum. Homeschool curriculum vendors generally bring a variety of materials to showcase and display, allowing parents the opportunity to thumb through for ideas, or to make a purchasing decision.

Microsoft and Apple Homeschool Discounts

Some years, Apple gives students a discount on computers and Microsoft offers student versions of their software programs. The Apple website gives families information about how to redeem their student discount. Research paper writing companies also have student discounts, like Essay Help On Time. Sometimes purchases must be made through a school or homeschool support group in order to receive the discount. Check the homeschool buyer’s Co-op before you pay full price. Both Barnes & Noble and Borders offer an educator’s discount that’s passed on to homeschoolers. Some stores allow educators the opportunity to shop at their convenience, while others insist that educators redeem their discounts on a specific day each month.

Free Homeschooling Programs

School districts are increasingly offering free homeschooling programs and even free laptops, thanks to partnerships with Calvert School, the K12 virtual schooling program, and other homeschool curriculum developers. Many homeschoolers balk at involving the state with a home-based education, but some families feel that they couldn’t afford to homeschool without it.

A boxed curriculum provides a measure of comfort to families who aren’t quite confident that they can take charge of a child’s education, this is true of many new homeschoolers in particular. Ambleside Online is a free homeschooling program that families can access online. Like The Well Trained Mind, it utilizes homeschool books from the library and also free printable worksheets and lesson plans.

Resourceful families have a lot of discount homeschooling options to choose from. Cheap homeschool programs, affordable essay writing services, homeschooling discounts, and even free homeschooling programs are available in every state. Homeschool supplies don’t have to cost a fortune and some school districts will even buy homeschool books for families.

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