Digital Marketing For Law Firms: 5 Major Strategies That Really Work


When it comes to improving digital performance for law firms, most agree that it is a necessity. As consumer behaviors change and become digitized, not having a strong online presence can hurt law firms and their lawyers.

When it comes to the best and most successful strategies, it is the simple fundamentals that can deliver real results. For example, for a law firm, three essential ingredients of a law firm are-

  • An informative, educative, and technically optimized website
  • Strong and efficient Social Media Pages and Profiles
  • A clear and effective marketing and advertising strategy on search and social

In this article, we look at how digital marketing can be a great way for law firms to improve their business. Additionally, we are also going to discuss five major digital marketing strategies that can deliver proven results for law firms.

List of 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Law Firms that Deliver Results

1. SEO and Content Marketing Strategies-

Every law firm wants to establish itself as an authority voice in the industry. Showcasing its expertise, qualification, and success rate can help it attract new clients as well as talent and personnel. However, creating the best law firm marketing content is not easy.

This is why content marketing companies that create blogs, articles, and guest posts for law firms require specialists to do the work for them. This is because these articles are technical and laden with legal terminologies. They should also be precise in terms of mentioning the law.

2. Google My Business Strategies-

For a law firm, business from the local community and region is one of the highest sales points. To make this even better, care should be taken to optimize a firm’s GMB pages. Ensuring that you have updated content, images, videos, and contact details help in powering a GMB page.

Most experts point out that customer reviews play a very important part in optimizing the performance of law firms. Ensure that you have as many reviews as possible. The higher the number of five-star ratings and reviews, the more are your chances of ranking on the SERPs.

3. Webinars, Podcasts, and Live Streaming Strategies-

When anyone is looking to hire a legal professional, they are going to look at two major things- your personality and your knowledge about the field. In the last few years, webinars, podcasts, and live streaming sessions have become very popular to boost personal branding.

A law firm should ask its attorneys to hold regular Q and A sessions with audiences. This will help in publicizing the law firm, its attorneys, and their knowledge and expertise. This is sure to help you establish authority and win over new clients for your law firm business.

4. Specialized Link Building and Guest Posting-

For a law firm to rank on the SERPs, it cannot afford to use spammy sites. The industry is such that you want what you say to be carried by established platforms and pages. This means that when it comes to guest posting and link building, you are aiming for authority.You want to find good guest post websites that have strong metrics and traffic.

A lot of it can be done on news channels, informative law portals, and aggregator platforms that list law firms and lawyers. Remember that this industry is all about operating and excelling within a definite ecosystem. Guest posting and link building need to be done differently.

5. Cohesive Social Media Marketing Strategies-

There is no doubt that a law firm needs social media marketing. However, in terms of the strategies and approaches to social media, there are a lot of differences with any other industry niche. Here, the focus needs to be on education, information, and engagement.

Lawyers need to keep calling out people who are thinking of getting legal help but are not confident of doing so. By holding live streaming sessions discussing legal cases through Q and As, law firms can build credibility and raise sales queries for themselves.

The Final Word

Lawyers and law firms have taken to digital marketing like a fish takes to water. If you are not doing it for your law firm, always remember that your competitor is investing in digital marketing comprehensively. The more traffic and visitors you can get on your brand website and social media pages, the more will be the number of customers and clients coming up to you for legal help. If you have any more questions about law firm marketing, let us know in the comments section below.

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