Designing with Type on a Photo: How to Use a Text over an Image

Designing your website with type on and around an image is one of the best techniques you can use to improve user experience. If you want to get better results, you have to use the right image and have a great eye for typography and ensure you have a predefined plan to achieve your goal. 

Today, adding text over the image is a very powerful tool in web design. It helps improve your reach to your visitors. To professionally add text to your image you need to use high-quality images and they have to reflect the information you want to pass across. Here are a few tips for adding text over images. 

Work with the visual flow 

One of the most important things when working with text and images is to follow the visual flow. The texts and information you add need to fit into the logical parts of the image. 

When you add an image, the image itself should be able to convey information, thus you should be careful not to put text over the important section of the image, such as faces, main content of the image, or product you are trying to sell to your visitors. 

To achieve the best visual flow, add text on spaces where the body language and feel of the image will lead users to the text. 

Add contrast 

‘To have better success, users should be able to read the text,’ says the best website designer in Tamworth. Ensure the text have a clear contrast and can be seen when added to the image. If you have a dark image use a light or white font color for your text. Use a dark-colored front if the image has a light background. 

Contrast also refers to the size of the text in relation to the content of the image. Lettering should work with the subject matter of the image. If the image is big and bold, the type should be thin and light. Text and image should work together but have an element of contrast.

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Add text to the background

One of the up-and-coming tricks is to add text in the background part of the image instead of the foreground. This is a great option since the backgrounds are less busy and are easier to work with when adding texts. In addition, most backgrounds have a solid color, making it easy to pick a text color and a great place for readability. 

The background provides a natural-looking location for adding texts and does not need a lot of alterations to the main image. Play around with subtle shading effects for text placement. The effects should add an element of depth to the image. 

Use color cast 

It can be quite difficult to achieve, but the color cast provides a great way to add text and gives your site a beautiful design. Use colors with high visual effects. Balance the image to show through but not so transparent that the text is not visible. 


Simple and clean typography always provides the best results when working with images and text. Work with a web site design company Tamworth that utilizes the above-mentioned tips to ensure your text is clearly readable.

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