Counter-Strike: Things You Didn’t Know

Counter-Strike: GO is a very extensive game with all kinds of weird and interesting facts. Usually, we ignore the little things, so in this article we provide the most interesting facts about the game that you may not know about CS:GO. Also, keep in mind that all the necessary information can be found in our complete Counter-Strike: Global Offensive guide.

Curious Facts About Counter-Strike: GO

Like almost everything, there’s always something we overlook, so we’ve rounded up 4 things you probably didn’t know about CSGO, as well as some weird facts about the game; some of which will be more informative than practical. Here are a few things you might not know about this important game:

  1. Ignore the message

Usually, when we play games, someone is responsible for filling our message tray with pure spam or unnecessary messages, however, there is a way to prevent those messages from reaching us. The best way is to use IGNOREMSG, which will help you disable all these notifications.

  1. Love Chicken

Yes, although you may have noticed, due to players’ interest in chickens, the creators of Counter-Strike GO found it interesting to give these critters a new option to follow you.

  1. Not competitive

While it’s one of the most eye-catching things in the game right now, in the first version the game released, this much-loved feature wasn’t there. It’s a fairly simple game with little competition.

  1. Listen to music

We’re not talking about a list of your favorite songs, however, there is a way to listen to a certain kind of music in-game. On the D-train map, there is a table with a radio playing the Team Fortress theme song.

Basic Tips for Playing Counter-Strike: GO

The counter-strike 1.6 download free because its Offensive game which require high level play, they are very competitive and you can get both novice and expert players. So if you want to get started, check out our full Counter Strike Global Offensive guide, where you’ll find all the tips you need to start playing CSGO and improve your performance.

Basic Tips for Beginners

First, to learn to control the controls, you also have to explore weapons to find one that suits your playstyle, and you also have to get used to recoil and handling items like grenades. Also, it is necessary to practice on each map, for this it is recommended to play with the robot in offline mode, as this will get you used to it and improve your skills.

While it is recommended that you start the game in offline and casual modes, you should be aware that these do not allow you to level up or unlock items, but they provide easy access to armor and other items that are not available for matches, and you will have to buy them. first. The ideal is to adapt and then jump into online mode fearlessly because, despite the increased competitiveness, you can only improve your skills by practicing with other players.

In the beginning, pay attention to the sound, stay low, take cover and pay attention to the radar; create situations that you can exploit to your advantage because if you are good at close quarters, it is better to try to attack quietly, while if you prefer distance, the radar will give Get an idea of ​​where your enemies are. Strategy is paramount in this game, so don’t ignore team moves. Remember, constant practice is best, so I encourage you.

Counter-Strike’s basic command: GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers the ability to tweak certain aspects of the game via commands, and while they can also be configured via the settings menu, it’s best to use these shortcuts to make some changes you want. In our full Counter-Strike: Global Offensive guide, you’ll find a list of essential commands to help improve performance.

Basic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Command

Each of the commands explained below can be used in Competitive Mode; none of them correspond to tricks or traps, as these are obviously not allowed in video games, and Valve generally knows that players who incur them will be banned. The first thing is that you have to open the command system, for this you have to go to the options menu where you have to assign a button responsible for activating the console; you can also do this in the Steam properties menu. You can download counter-strike 1.6 for pc by clicking on this link.

The bind command is something you should consider because it helps you associate keys with actions, while unbind takes care of undoing key assignments you’ve made. Some like Kill will make you kill yourself, Exit will of course automatically close the game; in terms of disconnect, it will disconnect you from the server you are on.

How to Get Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Experience

There are ranking systems in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with these systems players will be able to understand the experience of their opponents. The system is responsible for categorizing the user’s skills, but it’s not permanent, it can increase and decrease based on each game’s performance. In our complete guide to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you’ll be able to learn everything to gain experience and advance the level system.

How to level up and gain experience in CS: GO?

To rise in the rankings, you must win the game, and if you are defeated, you will eventually drop. In addition, the game takes into account the performance of both Competitive and Group modes, and it is recommended to choose the Blast mode, as they will give you some extra points if you manage to activate the bomb.

In this game system, there are different factors that affect the outcome, such as the number of headshots or headshots, deaths, and assists, deaths achieved with a knife or grenade; accuracy percentage of shots, etc. The player with the most deaths in the match (MVP), the user’s position at the end of the match, and the damage dealt or taken are also taken into account.

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