Cleaning your car, inside and out, is part of general vehicle maintenance. As with engine checks or checking tires or optics, cleaning your car keeps it in pristine condition.

This is essential if you want to sell it one day. Good maintenance will indeed guarantee better resale value to have a Rengøring af bil  service, it is better to wash it regularly. This will save you from tedious auto-cleaning sessions. As well as the encrusted stains which are more difficult to remove?

How to clean the interior of your car? Which products to use? 

Why wash the interior of your vehicle?

  • The interior cleaning of your car is important if you want to keep a vehicle in good time. Washing your car lengthens its life.
  • It also allows you to enjoy a more pleasant and comfortable daily life behind the wheel of your car. Crumbs, dust, fingerprints, more or less stubborn stains, and sometimes bad smell…
  • Maintaining your car is not a trivial matter, it is a necessity. And it is also a question of hygiene. A car that is not regularly cleaned can turn into a real breeding ground for.
  • You wouldn’t think of not washing the inside of your house, would it especially if you have young children. It’s the same for the car whether you are a true neat freak. Or simply concerned with the well-being and health of your family, cleaning the interior of your car is an essential habit.

How to properly clean the interior of your car?

All the elements of the interior of the vehicle are to be bricked one by one, with care.

Car mats

Never clean your car floor mats directly in the vehicle. Remove the floor mats. Take them out. Then shake or tap them to remove most of the dust. Then vacuum them carefully.

If your car mats are really dirty, you can wash them with special carpet cleaner or just soapy water. Then brush them with a stiff bristle brush. The brush is very useful for removing cat or dog hair or small encrusted stones.

Wait until your car mats are completely dry before reinstalling them in the car. This cleaning method is valid for both rubber mats and carpeted ones.

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In addition to a new generation exterior Bilrengøring service, our partner steamgrønt offers you ultra-powerful vacuum cleaners to vacuum the carpets of your car, without any time limit. Steamgrønt has also developed this service. A brand new, truly effective solution to thoroughly wash your floor mats. Do not hesitate! It is without an appointment.  

Carpets and interior fabrics

Vacuum the entire vehicle to thoroughly clean it. Use the slim vacuum cleaner nozzle to get to the toughest spots. For fabric seats, the brush can be useful in case of stubborn stains (such as traces of mud for example). If, despite this, the stains do not come off, use a damp sponge with a little special care fabric cleaner. You can also wash the seats with baking soda. It naturally eliminates bad odors. For leather seats, use a suitable product. In the form of a spray, it is designed to hydrate and soften your leathers. Be careful, unmaintained car leathers crack and deteriorate quickly. Never scrub your inner leathers with a brush.

The dashboard and interior elements

To clean your car’s dashboard, use a microfiber cloth that collects dust. Soak it with a little lukewarm water and soap if necessary. You can use a special product to polish your dashboard and steering wheel. But be careful that they don’t get too slippery. For your safety, avoid products with silicone.

The interior windows 

Wash the windows with a soft cloth and cleaning product. Be careful, when cleaning the rear windshield of the car, always rub horizontally in the direction of the defrost filaments. This is not to damage them.

Don’t forget your mirror.

Your car deserves to be pampered. If, despite all our advice, you haven’t got rid of the stains on your seats, why not order our tailor-made car covers from steamgrønt? Available for all brands and for all models, they will give your car interior an immediate boost.


How much dirt and spray can build up on the front of a car? We could not count them, but looking at them more closely, yuck! And when these residues form a barrier to the light from the headlights, there it becomes a question of safety. So as not to feel like a rabbit caught in the headlights when faced with the problem, we take the wheel of operations! We have a few tips for cleaning your car headlights before getting back on the road…


Are we talking about insect tracks? Unless we make a collection of diverse and varied species, we get rid of them! All you have to do is recycle an old pair of tights that you roll up into a ball, and rub your car headlights with them to eliminate intruders. It starts strong!

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