Choosing the Right Sticker Material for Your Products

When designing a sticker for your brand getting the size, dimension and size are of utmost importance but it is also important to consider the type of material that you are going to use for the sake of printing your stickers. Following are some of the common types of sticker material that are present out there;

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Textured paper
  • Brown Kraft
  • Clear
  • Waterproof

The range and the quality of the material matter as much as the design and dimensions of it are important for its success. Because if you go with high-quality paper then it is likely that your sticker will end up with a bit more shine and would become less likely to tear even if treated badly such as scratches or whatnot. It is also important that you have a choice of raw material before you so you can make an informed decision. The sticker material needs to be long-lasting as the ROI (return on investment) on this thing is treated in the essence of time. Following are some of the types of stickers that you need to have a look into;

1. Paper stickers

Paper stickers are extremely versatile, these carry a finish that is luscious and brings about the true aesthetics of your vision and the most important thing is that these are very easy to apply. These stickers can be applied to a range of scenarios such as in the case of branding, putting on your finished products, for advertising purposes, and such. Paper offers a wide array of choices, the dimensions that you can go with and the cost-effectiveness of the process is something that you are less likely to find anywhere else.

2. Plastic stickers

It is possible that you might not be able to get an essence of aesthetics or rawness that you could have with paper stickers but other than that these are every part as good as the paper stickers. These work well on all kinds of packaging and thus are a definite choice for many brands and businesses out there. The most enchanting thing about plastic stickers is that they are water-resistant and are highly unlikely to tear as the paper stickers might do. You can design custom logo stickers for your brand and matching the design with the plastic as a material can really help you to get some amazing return on investment.

3. Textured paper stickers

If you want your product to have a slightly raw, rustic, or upbeat feel then it is important that you go with textured paper stickers. These textured paper stickers are not only about the looks as with proper treatment and subjecting them to a dedicated work process these can be made splash proof which makes these excellent to be placed on water bottles or other liquid elements.

You will be better off going with these stickers if you want your brand to make an impression that stays and speaks for itself. But at the end of the day, all of it comes to your specific demands and the vision that you have for your brand as this is something that needs to speak for itself within your stickers.

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