Casino  In Turkey.

As of 2020, a new law on the legalization of gambling is in effect in Turkey. This applies not only to offline companies, but also to those who offer online services. The “Pin up” casino has become popular in this country, but it is not yet on the list of legal ones.

This has nothing to do with government desires or government obstacles. Obtaining a license is not only expensive, but also time-consuming. However, the official site has not been blocked. There is a unique site with offers created for a target audience of Turkey.

Legality of work in Turkey.

Legally, in terms of internal rules of the country, there are only 11 online casinos. Pin up casino is not one of them. However, the international license of the Curacao Gaming Commission allows Pinup casino in Turkey. The government did not try to eliminate them as competitors and did not pursue repressive policies against users.

Despite this, some bettors are afraid to use the facilities of betting shops. This is due to a number of factors.

Fear of losing their accounts and personal funds.

Lack of constant access to features.

The speed of transmission of financial transactions.

It is worth noting that all these fears are completely unfounded. You can lose your account data or be blocked simply for violating the rules of the program. They are open to all, have no hidden terms and are very loyal.

There are no such problems in Turkey. Bettors should know all available information and rely only on verified sources.

The financial transaction, or rather the speed of it, depends on the payment method. Replenishment of funds takes place immediately. As for the payouts, they depend entirely on the chosen method.

Official website and application Pinup casino

The official site is divided into three sections.

There are a number of betting items to choose from.

A spreadsheet with score markers.

* Betting coupons.

The official site contains registration, login and betting functions. Everything is very intuitive. Beginners can get used to the program in less than 10 minutes, and experienced bettors will be able to place bets the first time they visit.

The mobile application contains the same functions. It is an exact copy of the official site. To download it, just use the direct link Pin up casino Indir . You can also visit the App Store and download the iOS version yourself.

Registration and login procedure

There are three ways to register an account. The fastest are social media accounts. Your phone number and email can be used as a registration confirmation service. After entering the data, you will receive a confirmation and the account will be activated.

All features of the program are available 24 hours a day for residents of Turkey. If you have any problems, you can contact support for help. The website is also available in Turkish. If you wish, you can switch between them with a single click. Just select the turkey flag from the menu next to the office logo.

Pin up casino is actively developing in Turkey. Soon they will become the number one gambling company in this country and will launch an official program for players and gambling enthusiasts.

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