Bust some common Coronavirus cleaning myths

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world but there are many helpful techniques you can use to slow the spread. Keeping a clean house is a great way to combat the pandemic but there is a lot of misinformation out there about how to do just that.

Before you start cleaning your clients’ homes and protecting them from harmful germs and bacteria, make sure you protect yourself first. Public Liability insurance is important for protecting cleaners and their businesses from risk. Check out Public Liability Australia by clicking here and use their online platform to generate hassle free quotes for your business. Simply answer a few short questions and you’ll have your policy in your inbox in minutes. Keep reading to find out which cleaning techniques should be avoided to protect your clients.

Say goodbye to these popular cleaning myths

With so much content online these days, it can be hard to spot fake news. Fortunately, the pointers below will address some common misinformation about keeping your house virus-free. While you may not have control over what your city, community or even neighbours are doing regarding health practices, you can ensure that your clients’ homes are healthy and disease-free. The great thing about keeping cleaning houses is the outcomes are completely within your control.

1. Natural disinfectants

Some people prefer to use natural cleaning agents such as eucalyptus oil, vinegar, baking soda or tea-tree oil. This may be for health, environmental, ethical or personal reasons. While these ingredients can effectively cut through grime, they are not soaps or disinfectants and won’t kill the many pathogens lurking on household surfaces.

It is wise to use EPA approved or hospital grade cleaning agents. These cleaning agents have been scientifically proven to kill up to 99% of germs. Look for products containing hydrogen peroxide, alcohol or bleach. Be careful not to mix these potent cleaning products though as you could cause an unexpected chemical reaction.

If your clients have doubts, do your best to explain to them why commercial grade cleaning products are so important right now. In the face of a serious pandemic, many clients will consent to you using stronger chemicals and are thankful for the services that you provide.

2. Not cleaning in hot weather

Perhaps you associate getting ill with cold weather. People in warmer climates may reason they do not need to be stringent about their house-cleaning due to the warm weather. This is unfounded. COVID-19 can lurk on surfaces and is transmitted from person to person regardless of the weather. There may be a correlation between warm weather and a drop in cases however, this is yet to be conclusively proven. To give yourself and your clients peace of mind and ensure their safety, advocate they employ you to clean their home regardless of the weather.

Just like we’ve been told to wash our hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds, we also need to disinfect our homes regularly.

3. Soap and water can clean every surface

Soap and water can cut through grime, reduce stickiness and generally clean surfaces but it’s not as effective as other cleaning products for eradicating germs and viruses. Some soaps and general cleaning products may be too weak to kill lurking Coronavirus pathogens. As previously mentioned, go for cleaning products containing strong disinfectants such as alcohol, bleach and hydrogen peroxide.

You can purchase these products from your local supermarket or hardware store. If you are after cheaper rates, consider buying in bulk from warehouses or online. You don’t want to be caught without cleaning supplies on the job.

Above all, take your cleaning tips from reputable sources, stay informed and clean your clients’ homes regularly, in the correct way.

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