Briggs Healthcare Implements Cloud Inventory® for Successful Transition to Cloud-Based Inventory Control

Briggs Healthcare provides services and products for long-term care, assisted living, home care, hospice, hospital, and other health care markets. As Briggs pursued a “cloud-first” approach to inventory management across their three warehouse locations, they chose to implement Cloud Inventory®, a mobile-first and cloud-based inventory management platform. Briggs chose Cloud Inventory because of their expertise in real-time, cloud-based warehouse monitoring and because of the ease with which Cloud Inventory could be implemented in combination with a NetSuite ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.  

Cloud Inventory allows businesses to use mobile applications to track the state, location, and authenticity of inventory across the supply chain: whether in the warehouse, in the field, or in the last mile before reaching a customer. The platform leverages low-code configurability and the power of the cloud to enable users to increase visibility, reduce carrying costs, accelerate inventory turns, and improve productivity, all while preventing the sort of costly human error that can occur in traditional inventory management processes. 

For Briggs, it was crucial that Cloud Inventory’s low-code platform could be easily implemented alongside their new ERP as they transitioned from an on-premise ERP system to cloud-based. Briggs had been able to enhance efficiency and productivity in its warehouse through a cloud-first approach. Cloud Inventory was able to help Briggs achieve absolute inventory visibility and docility with just one inventory system of record and provided Briggs with access to real-time inventory availability that boosted productivity. 

Using Cloud Inventory, Briggs combined a cloud-based approach to inventory control with its existing systems in order to reduce operational costs and improve picking accuracy in warehouse locations. Briggs could tailor the platform to support the specific inventory management needs that the company faces as a medical supplies provider, and it was able to do this without the need for time-consuming and costly modifications to their system of record. In addition, the intuitive data visualization interfaces that Cloud Inventory provides allowed Briggs to pursue automation in its warehouses while retaining the ability to monitor inventory at a precise level of detail. 

Briggs’ application of Cloud Inventory is a fine example of how a company can gain success through an assortment of efficiency gains across the supply chain with a single, configurable inventory management platform. For Briggs, the key was that Cloud Inventory is designed with the flexibility to meet any company’s supply chain needs. Cloud Inventory is easily implemented with existing ERP systems and provides Briggs with the agility to reconfigure applications to deal with its industry-specific needs in the Healthcare field.  

Mark Goode, President & CEO of Cloud Inventory says that Briggs is a great example of a company that leverages cloud-first and mobile-first technologies throughout the supply chain. Goode adds on that Briggs have recognized the power of upgrading their backend system and supply chain performance with the help of a single cloud-based solution for all purposes, be it label printing, receiving and distribution, and even data analytics.” 

With Cloud Inventory, Briggs has implemented an agile and accurate platform with wide-ranging applications that was precisely what it needed to successfully realize the specific needs of its transition to a cloud-first approach to inventory management.

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