Book Destinations for Groups That Deliver Great Experiences and Great Values

Whether it’s for work or for pleasure, trying to deliver great travel experiences for groups while controlling costs can present unique challenges.  It starts by identifying destinations with both wide appeal and great value and that requires the kind of specialized knowledge and access that’s usually reserved only for travel professionals.  While the internet is teeming with travel sites that each guarantee the absolute lowest rates for the individual traveler, finding reliable, unbiased research that provides useful information about group travel destinations, and not a sales pitch, is hard. But they are out there.

Travel technology company, Vindow Software, has announced that they now offer independent destination profiles of major global cities with everything from interactive maps with the best neighborhoods for travelers, to local cultural events calendars, air traffic statistics, seasonal temperatures, and much more.  Their Market Intelligence reports also include average hotel rates for each city along with occupancy trends.  Knowing and understanding these key market drivers will help you negotiated better pricing for your group.  

Hotels analyze decades of pricing data for local travel patterns and seasonal demand in order to set rates that maximize their revenue. Do your own research, so that you too can negotiate like a pro and create unforgettable travel experiences at prices that make it easy to get together even more often.

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