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Bill Smith Double Iron Consulting: What is Change in A Company

Changes are inevitable with any type of company. It’s crucial to be open to change; it helps a company grow and adapt. However, some companies struggle to make the necessary changes.

Here is a look at the best ways to pull off a significant change in a company. Avoiding pitfalls and having a proper setup will make life easier for everyone involved.

Executive support is crucial

The only way any change will successfully occur with a business is to get executive support from the very beginning. Executives need to be on the same page and ready to put a change in place for a chance at success.

If there’s any dragging of the feet, it’s just not going to work. Companies can fall behind in a hurry if they don’t have the entire team ready to go. Executives are the leaders, and everyone working for the company will see right through things if executives don’t buy into the changes.

Have all resources beforehand

Planning a change of any kind in the business should come with a lot of time to map things out. One of the worst mistakes that any company can make is implementing a huge change without having all the resources lined up. Once there is even a small snag, issues will start to pop up.

It doesn’t take much extra effort to get everything lined up before implementing a change. If it takes a little bit longer to plan, it’s better than rushing to start and then having to retrace steps. The fewer hiccups that occur when starting a change, the better.

Unneeded Change

One of the quickest ways for any business to struggle with a change is to adjust something without an actual need. It’s tough to convince the entire team to change if there isn’t a distinct goal. Why is this change necessary? Will it make a difference?

At Double Iron Consulting, this is something they excel at. The entire process of going through a plan and seeing if a change is worthwhile makes a lot of sense. Changing a company just because it seems like the right thing isn’t always the best idea.

Every layer matters

Everything starts at the top, but every single layer of a company needs to know why transformation is needed. This means identifying and using leaders throughout the company and putting new responsibility on those people. Management at every level makes a huge difference in how effective change will be.

Making changes with every layer also helps a lot with consistency. All it takes is one layer not to come together as it should, and it’s a very frustrating and slowed process.


A lack of communication in any business can be detrimental. When there is a change going on, communication is especially key. The biggest mistake is thinking that when a change is laid out and put together, everyone already understands every single issue. There are bound to be some issues during a change, so communicating the entire way makes a huge difference.

This ties into another big part of change, which is examining the culture of a business. Reading how everyone is accepting change and the evolution connects everyone on staff.

Be prepared for anything

No matter how prepared a company may feel before going through a significant change, there will always be changes to the plan. When this happens, different people react in different ways. To make a change successful means reassessing when something unexpected happens.

Ensuring every employee is treated as an individual is essential with how much time is spent at work. How one person reacts to a change of plans might not be the same as the other, but preparing for just about anything makes a difference.

The best companies have a personable approach to any type of change that they are going through. They listen to suggestions, concerns, and more from start to finish.

Change goes beyond initial goals

There are initial goals that every company sets when they are going through a change. After meeting those goals, that doesn’t mean a completed job. That’s why it’s vital to have immediate goals, but goals beyond that as well.

The best companies know that they need to look for new things that need to change constantly. Never thinking the job is done is how a business stays ahead of the competition.

Working with consulting companies

Consulting companies specializing in change management are often considered one of the best ways to see a difference quickly. For example, Double Iron Consulting has been working directly with businesses in several different fields to help them think about possible changes and implement them.

Double Iron Consulting is a consulting firm aimed to help companies make necessary changes to help them adapt to be more efficient and ultimately be successful.

Sometimes, the best way to approach any possible change comes down to having an outsider examine everything first. A consulting team can quickly spot what might be missed by those in the company.

Bill Smith Double Iron Consulting helps companies with succession planning, change management, leadership development, and more. He’s translated his success with his family business, Royal Cup Coffee and Tea, and used his expertise to help other business owners.

Final Thoughts on Change in a Company

It’s ambitious to plan for and execute a change in a company. Success is much greater with a consulting team like Double Iron Consulting and a planned approach.

The best companies in the world have successfully gone through significant changes to be better afterward. Despite the challenges, it pays off when done the right way.

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