Best Slots Progressive Jackpots In The Online Market

Punters enjoy most slot games like Jack Hammer but game choice primarily boils down to whether slots players are in it for the fun or the money. Those punters that see slots as a form of entertainment are happy to spin games that they make a certain connection with.

This can be because a certain slot is based on film or TV shows that these punters are particularly fond of. Obviously, all players welcome any win, whilst they spin the reels, but some actually seek out and try their like on these highly volatile progressive jackpot slots exclusively.

Now this is all well and good if you land the jackpot, but because of the highly volatile nature of these games, you could find wins are few and far between. 

The Progressive Jackpot Slot Concept 

Jackpot slots are nothing new, however, progressive jackpot slots are a newer innovation. The first was Cash Splash by Microgaming and this was introduced in 2004. The progressive jackpot was the only feature the game had. Since then, these progressive jackpot slots have developed into games that are packed full of features and this helps spice up the base game, whilst you chase that progressive jackpot.

A progressive jackpot is basically the top prize in a progressive jackpot slot and as the name suggests, the more punters that chase it, the bigger it grows, this is because a certain percentage of each player’s staking cash, goes directly into the jackpot total.

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The progressive jackpot can be won as part of a bonus round or can drop randomly. The size of these varies greatly and depends on the size of the casino you are playing at and how much time has elapsed since the last progressive jackpot was won.

Mega Moolah 

Although Megan Moolah is not a new slot it still boasts some of the biggest progressive jackpots ever seen in the slots world. Many progressive jackpots offer life-changing wins, but the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot regularly runs in the millions of pounds. It does hold the record for the biggest online slot payout ever and this happened in October 2015, when Cheshire soldier Jon Heywood then aged 26, won £13.2 million. 

The base game of Mega Moolah is pretty mundane and so is the 15 free spins bonus round that this animal themed game has to offer. The game sparks into life if you randomly trigger the jackpot wheel. This can happen on any spin and it’s the mega jackpot that every punter dreams of landing. 

Jackpot King 

Blueprint Gaming is to thank for the jackpot king concept. Basically, the jackpot king is a separate game that can be activated randomly by playing any slots that are part of the jackpot king network. What this idea does is let you play your favourite slots that might not come with a progressive jackpot, but having the jackpot king attached to them spices them up. Once you get on the wheel, then fate can deal you multipliers on your stake or one of three progressive jackpots.

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