Best Mobile Golf Apps 

Golfers who would like to improve their driving, chipping, pitching, buking and play putting can all benefit from a Mobile Golf App Application (App).

Mobile Golf Apps help you keep score better, analyze your swing and make your performance increase. Users can also book tee times and share videos of their rounds using Mobile Golf Apps. 

Below we feature some of the Best Mobile Golf Apps:

Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker

Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker Mobile Golf App is considered by many to be the best App for handicap tracking in golf. Users of this App can post their scores, share them with fellow users and also join a handicap index. The onboard GPS facility makes tagging your new score to the nearest golf range really easy.

Having joined a handicap index users can compare, track and improve their ratings and learn how to advance their technique as well. All the user’s handicap information is on the cloud so you never have to worry about losing your handicap or entire score history.

Users can also enjoy a handicap calculator and also read and leave reviews for golf courses and share your experiences with others making it the most comprehensive golf handicap database available


TheGrint Mobile Golf App makes golf more fun and offers a GPS linked range finder with over 38,000 golf courses around the world and the ability for live scoring so you can compete in real time.

Users of the App Development can track their progress and score with performance statistics and a Ryder Cup feature allows users and friends to compete with one another across a set period. This App is a subscription-based service with various levels of membership.


If you want to book a tee time at over 7000 golf clubs spread across the world, the GolfNow Mobile Golf App is used by over three million golfers. Using this App golfers can get the best tee time deals,  search hoe deals to discover discounts wherever you may be.

The App also offers weather-based protection in case your tee time gets washed out and users can also earn points for every booking and the premium version includes reductions of course convenience fees.

Users can book their tee times 24 hours a day with no phone calls and read actual reviews so you can find the most suitable golf course. The App also offers detailed course information so you can pick a golf course that matches your budget and requirement. Users can also save their payment details and also get directions to their chosen golf course.

Swing U

The SwingU mobile golf app is totally free and includes a GPS based golf range finder and a handy scorecard feature as well. The onboard GPS rangefinder works on pretty much every course across the globe listing the distance, obstacles and other details. 

As you move from hole to hole the digital scorecard tracks your game and generates a handicap after the user posts scores for more than three rounds. The App also includes daily golf instructional tips from top golf instructors that help users to improve and up their game.

The premium version of this Android App Development  includes a powerful AI-powered digital caddie feature and the ability to track all the details about your game with integrated analysis of strokes gained. 

Premium users can also enjoy shot tracking and recommendation on which club to use depending on live real time wind speed. Serious golfers can access enhanced scores and statistics about their game and a comprehensive library of over 600 lessons, drills and tutorials.

 V1 Golf

The V1 Mobile Golf App helps users to capture, analyze and improve their golf swing. Users can capture video footage of their swings and then edit it and share with others. 

Amateur golfers can share their videos with one of the V1 Pro instructors and receive individual video lessons as well. All your videos are stored on the cloud and users can compare two videos at once to get in-depth understanding of where they need to improve.

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

The Zepp Mobile Golf App helps users to work on their golf swing with its smart training system. Users of this App can capture their game and post their rounds and scores with the App community.

The App utilizes the latest technology to automatically crop and edit your swings on the golf course so you can see your performance like never before. Serious golfers can go for the Zepp golf sensor, which instantly measures the most important aspects of your swing and helps users to train smart and improve fast.

App users can also access full score tracking, the leaderboard ratings, a pro swing library and a social community of like-minded golfers as well. The video function also allows users to capture video of each swing and generate highlight clips from your videos.


Today’s Mobile Golf App Developer can assist all levels of golfers from beginners, to intermediate and advanced players make the best of their game so they can become better winners. Download a Mobile Golf App and get swinging. 

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