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Keneoka is a dash and mobile money services provider based in Ghana Singhtechcrunch. The company has recently signed up to be a partner at TechCrunch Africa in March. It has also secured funding to develop its products. If you are a startup and looking for a dash or mobile money service, Keneoka is the way to go.

Funding round

Dash is a Ghana-based fintech startup that connects mobile money users with bank accounts. It makes revenue from processing fees and earning interest from savings. The company has over 1 million customers in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Dash has received over $250 million in transactions since its launch in 2020. It aims to enable 1.3 billion Africans to transact with digital money.

As with most startups, Dash has a team of investors. Some of them include founders of Pine Labs and Moss. Others, like Techstars and Insight Partners, have been involved in Dash’s seed round.

The VC firm is made up of four venture partners. Founder Prince Boampong is also the CEO of Dash. Another investor is Ahmed Sabbah, the former CEO of Telda.

Dash has raised over three million dollars in financing. Its current round includes several prominent African investors. Other backers include Jitendra Gupta, founder of Admix, a startup that provides ads for games and virtual reality; Joseph Tsai, former CEO of ANKA; and Far East Ventures.

ANKA plans to expand its 30-person global team, including hiring talent across sales, marketing, and finance. The company ships over 10 tons of cargo per month from Africa. Among its partners are e-commerce companies like Zalando and ASOS.

Business model

A startup called Dash is making waves in Ghana’s fintech space. The company has a playbook similar to Visa and Mastercard, but unlike them, Dash is not looking to replace them. Instead, it is looking to leverage its platform’s capabilities to make its customers’ lives easier.

Dash is not the first fintech startup to get a look-in in this part of Africa. In fact, it’s been around for three years. It has over 200,000 users, and processed over $250 million in TPV in January. But it doesn’t just operate in the country’s capital – it has plans to spread its wings across the continent, and possibly Africa itself. This year, the company has announced plans to open a research and development facility in Accra, and expand its operations to other parts of the African continent.

Dash’s $32.8 million seed round is its biggest to date. Its investors include a few names with a storied track record, including Insight Partners, Savannah Capital, and Speedinvest. While the company is still figuring out its next moves, it’s been making headlines in the fintech space for some time now. Its latest offering, the Float mobile credit card, is already on its way to becoming Africa’s answer to Paypal. As of today, the company has opened a research and development center in Accra, with plans to open another facility in Uganda in the not too distant future.

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