Backstage Equipment for Theatre Shows

Every theatre show requires the perfect equipment for it to be successful. The backstage teams ensure a perfect run with various equipment that can help them communicate with each other. Contractors like CB Radio Wholesalers sell equipment for backstage and communication that can help with such practices. Since there are many more appliances, one has to invest in, here is a guide to choosing the best one for a seamless theatre experience.


Theatre shows depend heavily on lighting. It is necessary to purchase the best lights that suit a performance. Every play or skit requires specific lights that have adjustable brightness and softness. Spotlights and stage lights differ in their spreading and concentration.

Lighting is also dependent on the mood of the play. Dim lighting for a gloomy skit or yellow and brighter lights for happier scenes make or break the shows. One has to ensure practising the lights to find spots and give cues to the performers. Since lights cannot reach every corner due to restrictions, one can invest heavily in the number of lights or adjust the scenes where the lighting is best.

Backstage Communication:

No act is complete without the help of the backstage crew. These people help in setting props and guiding scenes seamlessly. Since every on-stage cast depends on the crew to help them out, they need to communicate. Cast members also use mics and radios to help them reach the audience better. It is necessary to invest in proper communication systems that can help surround a large radius while also having user-friendly services that the actors can comprehend.

Radio systems from companies like CB Radio Wholesalers have been in the business for long enough to know the nuances correctly. Ensure finding a whole set with headsets, radios, radio holders, and a case for a perfect event where nothing can go wrong.

Sound operators:

Actors cannot hold their mics while performing since it comes in the way and does not look too glamourous either. It is super annoying and also very unappealing since the skit gives off very preschooler show vibes. One has to invest in sound systems that reach throughout the room. Install enough sound systems and make sure the mics are well connected.

Rehearsal sessions can provide an idea of how to go about the show efficiently. A sound operating person can educate the team about adjusting their mics and solving regular problems while on stage. To avoid any mishaps while performing, these issues need to be understood.


Many props are left backstage to carry on-stage for specific scenes. Continuous scenes rolling by fastly can be very strenuous for an actor; The backstage crew must provide them with their props near their entrances and exits for a seamless performance.

Arrange them in proper order, so they are not lost or misplaced during significant scenes. One can make a list of props and hand it over to the crew, who can manage the props further.

Since the theatre is more than just lights, camera, action, every actor goes through lots of stress before performances. Proper communication between the crew is also essential, and radio systems from companies like CB Radio Wholesalers may be useful for this purpose. Provide enough refreshments and keep water ready for actors to consume whenever required. Specific crew can be hairpin assistants to the actors and help them with their needs during the performance. Help them with changing costumes and ensure the mics sit correctly since an improper attachment can lead to various mishaps on the stage.

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