Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies in London are professionals who provide advertising and public relations services for a wide range of clients. Their work is aimed at making the client’s products or services as advertised to as large an audience as possible. Advertising agencies in London can be found operating through advertising agencies’ trade associations, like the Society of Independent Advertising Agencies, the British Advertising Association and the Advertising Standards Authority. They can also be found on the Internet, in newspapers, magazines, journals and other publications. The main source of their business is, of course, advertising.

A variety of advertising agencies exist, working in different areas. For example, there are advertising agencies that deal with TV and film, advertising agencies that cater to a specific product or service like children’s parties and so on. There are advertising agencies that are solely engaged in professional freelance writing or other services. One can find advertising agencies that specialize in certain sectors or in any combination of sectors, including creative development, management consultancy, media planning/buying, PR/telemarketing, advertising agencies in London and many more. Whatever type of advertising agency one might need, it is important to know that there is one available for one’s needs.

Advertising agencies are run and managed by professionals who have been trained to do the job. Their services need to be taken seriously, as their clients must be able to receive top quality work. Their reputation depends very much on how good their work is, and their ability to maintain that reputation over time. Advertising agencies in London, therefore, is not suitable for those who wish to engage in advertising agencies without a clear idea of exactly what they want done.

The advertising agencies in London offer a wide range of services to their clients. Some of these include design and production of advertising campaigns, strategic planning, client servicing and sales, promotions and public relations, research, data management, budget preparation and tracking and analyzing client performance. The planning and analysis part of the service are usually carried out in house by the company doing the hiring, while other work can be outsourced to agencies based in London. The marketing side of the advertising agencies in London service includes all aspects of the client’s promotional strategy, including research, design, execution and analysis. The sales department handles the day to day sales function of the agency, including cold calling and keeping the client’s database up to date.

The advertising agencies in London also handle contracts for other businesses. For example, the agency might sign an advertising contract with a theater group to produce advertising for a specific show. The theater group pays the advertising agency a percentage of the profits from each commercial, the theater group runs, even though they have no intention of directly advertising. Such agreements are common among advertising agencies in London. Another example is when a hotel hires an advertising agency to promote its business using its logo. The agency then takes a 25% cut of the profits of the hotel makes off from each room the advertising sign is displayed in, because the hotel owns the signage.

For many companies in London, working with advertising agencies is beneficial because it helps to control expenses. Agencies in London that specializes in advertising tend to provide their clients with lower rates for some services, such as design. Such agencies also tend to charge a smaller fee for printed advertising and, if the client wants more creative freedom, can use an advertising agency that offers such a service. This way, the advertising agency does not have to undertake the research necessary to create unique campaigns, and can focus on developing campaigns that will get the most attention from the market.

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