Aconcagua Climbing: Aconcagua Park has Other Options

Many times you can meet people who are not interested in climbing Aconcagua. There may be other options such as Aconcagua treks or Aconcagua hike. For example, get to the confluence camp. The walk to Confluencia is intended for those who are not satisfied with the photographs in the traditional viewpoints. It is a full-day experience, and you have to prepare your body to walk about 4 hours to reach your destination and a similar time to return to the starting point. The walk begins at the height of approx. of 2850 meters, at the beginning of the Quebrada de Horcones, and then passing through the paths of the lagoons, and heading towards the Quebrada del Durazno. The crossing of the Horcones River has crossed thanks to a bridge built in the 1990s to produce the film “Seven Years in Tibet,” which was not entirely signed in Tibet but occupied many locations in the city. Mendoza mountain. Throughout the journey, the flora stands out for its intensity of colors, which is only shown at this stage, since beyond Confluencia, the stone will be the protagonist.

A great variety of birds are also offered to the visitor. Those who decide on this hiking should not have experience in the high mountains, but with training, they resist an 8-hour walk between roundtrip. And it is possible that the altitude of the region, Confluencia is at 3200 meters, makes the adventurer feel some discomfort (headache and fatigue greater than usual). But it is nothing that cannot be solved with the intake of a lot of water and a slow and continuous step, avoiding efforts that do not make sense, such as wanting to break some speed record! Upon arrival at the destination, if there was any discomfort, it is forgotten since the beauty of the place makes the connection with nature complete. In addition, they will come across several tents that belong to hikers or companies that provide services for expedition members who will attempt multi-day challenges. This color gives a unique taste to the place. To have a good time, it is highly recommended to wear comfortable trekking clothing, sunscreen, and plenty of water, since good hydration combats the effects of altitude. As for food, it is advisable to bring nuts or similar for the march, a lunch with sandwiches or something similar for lunch. It is advisable to do the walk with a professional guide. Although the route does not have technical difficulties, it is a high mountain path, and if the traveler is not used to this type of trail, a professional can clear up doubts, reduce risks and appease fears! Aconcagua Provincial Park is about 180 km from the city of Mendoza. Therefore you must have your own or contracted mobility. There is also public transport that reaches the area. You will also have to pay an entrance permit to the park, which you can do at the Aconcagua park visitor center.

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