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A Comprehensive Guide to Affordable Search Marketing

For a business in today’s digital world, search marketing is important. This strategy can be difficult to deal with when you are on a tight budget and don’t have the time or knowledge to do it right. Luckily for you, we have created an affordable guide for affordable search marketing. Over the course of this article, we will discuss how to get started with pay-per-click advertising and then move into more advanced strategies such as email marketing and content creation. As you’ll see, search marketing is more than just Google Adwords.

Let’s get started with PPC Advertising!

Pay-per-click advertising is an easy way to begin building up your business’ presence online. You have probably heard of companies that allow their adverts to show up when certain keywords are typed into a search engine, such as “locksmith near me.” Doing this allows potential customers to find their business while searching on Google or Yahoo. Many new locksmiths may think that Google Adwords is the only way they can advertise, but fortunately it isn’t true. A number of other networks exist where you can promote yourself for much less money, some even for free! Let’s take a look at some of these options.

Google Adwords

The most common pay-per-click advertising network is Google Adwords, and it is popular for a reason:  it works. Advertising on the Adwords network allows you to reach customers in both the United States and across the world who are searching using specific keywords that are related to your business. This ability gives you greater potential to gain new clients, but there are some drawbacks as well. The price of advertising on Google Adwords can range from $1+ per click depending on how targeted your ad group is (how closely related your chosen keywords are). The average cost-per-click across all industries ranges between $2-$4 .

Google Adwords interfaces with Yahoo and Bing search engines as well, but to get the most out of your budget you’ll want to stick primarily with Google.

Social Media Advertising

The internet has developed many different niche communities which are used for socializing and information sharing. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other networks all allow you to promote your business through their networks while targeting specific demographics. Each social media platform works in a similar manner: sign up for an account, create an ad campaign based on demographic filters, pay per click (or impression), track results. The costs for advertising on social media range from free (if you choose to boost posts organically) to around $5/click depending on how much traffic your website receives daily. Again it is best that marketers concentrate primarily on one or two social media platforms, but it is possible to promote across all of them for an affordable price.

Paid Advertising Networks

There are a number of other advertising networks you can use to promote your locksmith business. Below is a list of some that I have used personally or have heard good reviews about from fellow locksmiths:  Bing Ads, Reddit Ads, Fiverr, Yelp, AdThrive . Each network offers different benefits and you’ll want to read the contracts carefully before choosing one. Before you begin anything make sure to do your research!

Social Media Management Tools

If social media seems like too much work for you it may be best to outsource these tasks using tools available online There are dozens of apps available to help you save time and grow your social media profiles, so read reviews from other locksmiths who have used these tools to decide what is right for you.

Email Marketing

A great way to promote your locksmith business is by sending out regular email newsletters to your existing customers and clients. Email marketing allows you to deliver updates about new products or services that you are offering directly into the inboxes of interested individuals. Its best practice to use an “opt-in” system where users submit their email address in return for receiving communication from the company (see example below). A word of warning though:  avoid spamming anyone who has opted-in!

If you are looking for affordable search marketing options, I hope you found this article helpful. If anything was unclear, feel free to contact us at Macmillan Design.

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