7 Things to Consider Before Buying Meat Cutter Butchery Equipment

Are you planning to start butchery, or do you already have experience as a butcher? There are many types of butchery equipment available on the market. Here we’ll look at seven things you need to consider when buying your first butchery equipment.

When you want to cut or slice meat, you’ll need special equipment. This is because the meat has bones and skin. You will need to cut muscle and fat into pieces before selling them to supermarkets or restaurants. In Kenya, the price varies depending on several factors.


The first consideration before buying a meat cutter should be safety. A good meat cutter should have a comfortable handle. The handle should also be easy to grip and won’t slip from your hand and cut you unintentionally. Make sure the blade is sharp. If you’re going to use a plastic blade, you may need to sharpen it occasionally.

Cutting Capacity

When choosing a meat cutter, look at the cutting capacity. Some meat cutters have a significant ability because you may want to cut multiple cuts per batch. Some people prefer smaller capacities because of the convenience of doing many cuts at once. Look for the option that works well for you.


One thing to consider when looking for butchery equipments prices in Kenya is durability. For example, you can buy cheap meat cutters, but they aren’t always durable. Cheap cutters tend to break easily after a few uses. Look for high-quality meat cutters that are built to last. Make sure that you choose a quality meat cutter made out of metal. Metal is more robust than plastic.

Blade Design

The size of the blade affects the amount of force needed to slice through the meat product. A larger blade can cause more waste than smaller blades. Also, some models have rotating blades that allow easy cutting of different thicknesses. Some blades are flat, while others have serrated edges. Blades with serrations are best for slicing cheese and thin meats.


The size of your meat cutter has a significant impact on your usage. Look for something with a big blade if you are looking for something to make quick work of cutting large pieces of meat. Select a cutter that can take beef and poultry without changing blades or tools. That way, you’re not wasting time and money on multiple machines.


It would be best if you had a firm idea of how much money you can afford to spend on this purchase. If you think you might want to upgrade later, then it would make sense to wait until you have saved up enough money for the purchase. Also, keep in mind the cost of shipping and handling. You don’t want to end up spending more than you budgeted for.


Many people opt for stainless steel, even though their blades can wear down over time. Stainless steel takes longer to dull than carbon steel. But it makes sense to invest in a blade that can last long term. Carbon steel is much easier to sharpen and maintain, and you won’t feel like you need to replace it as often.

Butchery equipment comes in many sizes and designs. It is essential to have a critical look at all the features of the equipment before buying it. That will give you an upper hand before making that investment decision.

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