6 Ways Barefoot Shoes Can Be Used Besides For Running 

We are born barefoot, and as we grow older, we want to wrap our feet in comfortable shoes. Barefoot shoes help you achieve that while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of natural movement. These shoes are light and flexible, with no high heels and a wide toe box that provides much-needed wiggle room for your toes.

These shoes also provide you with an opportunity to experience different types of terrain without the risk of injury that comes with wearing shoes. They also allow for more sensory input, which can help increase your physical and emotional well-being. Using them is a great way to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a new way to live healthier lives, barefoot shoes are a great way to start! The good news is that barefoot shoes aren’t only for running but also for various purposes.

Most Common Barefoot Shoe Uses

Barefoot shoes are now available for a variety of purposes besides running. Many people who join the barefoot trend are not only runners but those who want to enjoy being grounded or barefoot. You can wear barefoot shoes daily, at work, and even at parties.

Everyday Use 

Using a barefoot shoe for everyday tasks may appear to be a bad choice at first. Contrary to what many believe, you can actually relax with full freedom of movement and comfort each day. Vivobarefoot’s Primus Knit II is one of the good options for daily use. It was created in partnership with The Woolmark Company® and is made from a knitted wool sock.

Wool’s excellent inherent heat-regulating capabilities are highlighted in this footwear. Wool, as a superior natural material, allows for exceptional breathability. When the temperature is cold, this footwear keeps your feet warm, and when the weather is hot, it keeps your feet cool.


Barefoot shoes are useful for more than running. Shoes that are modern and minimalist can be worn to the gym or while working out. The benefits of this type of shoe are that they let your feet move naturally, which can help with pain caused by plantar fasciitis. They also make it easier to balance and prevent injuries from happening.

A cross-trainer such as New Balance’s Minimus Prevail will enhance your workout experience. Its knit upper with TPU fibers offer stability for your stance, while the Vibram® outsole keeps your feet grounded during weight training sessions.


Hiking barefoot is a fantastic concept. When choosing the right barefoot shoe, you should think about the hiking terrain, weather conditions, and your personal style. Barefoot shoes use a thin layer of rubber on the bottom that protects them from sharp stones, rocks, and other objects.

Merrell’s Trail Glove 6 Eco performs in this activity well. It embodies style, comfort, and minimalism all at the same time. Besides being able to stand on large rocks, the shoe provides good pressure distribution on small rocks and handles loose gravel and dry grass slopes. With its well-rounded, comfortable design, this barefoot shoe is excellent for long hikes and challenging trails.


Barefoot shoes have been used extensively in the workplace for a variety of reasons. They have been used as footwear for those who work on their feet all day, as a means to reduce plantar fasciitis, reducing back pain and injury risk, as an anti-slip footwear option that offers shock absorption, and as a way to improve balance and stability.

Vivobarefoot’s Geo Court Canvas adds a modern twist to our barefoot collection. This sneaker, manufactured from recycled canvas and is vegan and breathable, is simple yet distinctive. A distinctive hexagonal-textured rubber sole wraps high around the heel for everyday elegance, while the top has a simplistic silhouette.

Water Sports 

Activities can also happen in the water. Barefoot shoes are not just for running but are also great for watersports. They allow the foot to gain sensitivity when in contact with water.

Xero Shoes’ Aqua X Sport is a shoe that’s as comfortable on the water as it is on the trail. A water-shedding mesh upper, adjustable laces, and a non-absorbent tongue make this ultra-portable activity shoe perfect for paddle boarding, mud runs, and everything in between.

Special Occasion 

Barefoot shoes are not only used for running. The good news is it can make one outfit look amazing with a pair of barefoot shoes!

Tari by Xero Shoes is a comfortable, lightweight bootie with a classic style you can wear all day long. It has a full-grain leather upper with a silky smooth finish. There’s also a matching instep goring for simple on and off, as well as an adjustable heel strap for extra security.

And for men, Xero Shoes’ best-selling Prio All-Day has a soft, full-grain leather upper. This lightweight performance shoe with a hint of sophistication can take you from boardroom meetings to poolside parties and everything in between.


Barefoot shoes are perfect for a wide variety of activities. With their versatility becoming more popular, the number of users switching to them also increases. Checking out a few review websites, like Happy Barefoot, can help you determine which products are right for you.

Visit Happy Barefoot for more information about minimalist footwear and find the right barefoot shoe for you, especially if you are a beginner.

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