5 Major Types Of Civil Rights Enjoyed By Citizens In The United States


The government keeps bringing up new laws and regulations to make teh society a better place to live in. But have you ever wondered what fundamental laws help people to actually live in society? It is a civil right that has been given to every citizen of America.

What Are Civil Rights?

Civil rights are there to protect your right to citizenship. Before you can use civil rights to protect yourself, you need to know what civil rights are.

According to Civil Rights Attorney Maryland, Civil rights are the expansion of the rights that are designed to protect individuals from unfair treatment. These rights define a basis on which every citizen needs to be treated in America.

Historically “Civil Rights Movement” referred to the efforts made by African Americans to reach a status of true equality. Over the years, the civil right has become the embodiment of Americans and used to describe equality advancement.

What Are The 5 Rights Of A Citizen?

The Federal government grants certain rights to citizens. You can even consider these as the highest law in America.

The constitution ensures that your rights are reserved and protected under any conditions. So, based on the constitution, here are the five basic rights US citizens enjoy.

1. Right To Freedom Of Speech

The Right to Freedom of Speech allows every citizen of America to speak freely and express their emotion. It is the first article of the first Amendment.

The First Amendment is about the freedom you can enjoy. Hence, it prohibits Congress from establishing a single religion. In fact, you are not allowed to promote any religion at all. The person can choose a religion of their free will.

2. Right To Unperturbed Media

As a US citizen, you have the right to receive unperturbed media reports that are informative and transparent. America is a democratic country, and hence, information is necessary for the people to make their own choices.

It also prohibits anyone from suppressing the voice of the media. In addition to that, US laws allow the people to have unrestricted access to any media news and reports.

3. Right To Vote Freely

The eligibility to vote is governed by both the state government and federal government. As per 26th Amendment, if a person is 18 years of age or more, they are eligible to vote.

And at the federal level, the Voting Right Acts 1965 prohibit voter discrimination. Article 1 of the constitution makes it a state responsibility to look after this matter.

4. Right To A Fair Trial

Laws and policies in the US are very strict. This is the reason why more than 40 million lawsuits are filed in America every year. Despite handling such a huge number of cases, the US government ensures that everyone receives a fair trial.

Amendment 6 is the right of the Accused person that offers an opportunity to the accused person to have a fair trial in any court. This law also considers accused persons innocent until they are proven guilty.

5. Right To Worship Any Religion

The United States is a free country, and you are free to worship any religion you like. The first amendment that protects the freedom of speech and expression also protects your freedom of religious belief.

The freedom of religion goes beyond the first amendment ensures that you do not have to go through any procedure that puts a dent in your religious belief. To solidify this belief, the constitution prohibits any institution teaching religion.


The right granted by the US government must be respected in any circumstances. However, you must also remember that you can misuse the right granted to you. If you do so, it will be seen as a felony and will be charged accordingly.

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